Does this teach any males here anything? Like, no personal attacks? September 28, 2000 5:46 AM   Subscribe

More regarding this thread (on feminism). Wherein I address Catch, since it's completely tangenital to the topic at hand.
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I assume cCranium is responding to me. I deny flaming. It's an accusation cheaply made by someone who disagrees with an opinion.

I didn't say you were flaming, I said your statement was ignorant and inflamatory. There is a subtle difference. The statement which prompted that was:

You will never achieve more respect and equality of status by being such a pathetic little WHINER.

Kristin was not whining, she was making an argument. The point you had, as you say:

I hold that comparing an individual woman's wage to the average man's is a useless exercise.

is a completely valid point, which was totally ruined by making such a pointless personal comment.

But citing her own level of general financial power as a symptom of male oppression is weak and yes, whining.

Kristin's statement was:

Sure, I am making 70 cents on the dollar to the average man's wage, and my mother made 70 cents on the dollar to the same, but the burning issue here is Holloway's social life in school.

Which was most definetely NOT whining. I don't claim to speak for Kristin, I don't even know who she is, but what she was doing was making a comment about the fact that women have not reached equality. In fact, not only are women not paid equally, the supposed progress isn't all that noteable.

I completely agree. What's yours? Your post could be ripped up and transplanted into any MeFi thread.

My point is tangenital to the actual conversation here. My point is quite clear. There's no use, whatsoever, in making inflamatory comments. It neither furthers the conversation nor aids your point.

My comment could not be transported to any MeFi thread, because most MeFi threads are about a topic, not about a person.

I'm sure, if I looked through past postings, that it has been. You don't make any new points, or inject any opinion.

I'm sorry, have you actually read anything I've ever posted? This is the first time I've ever addressed someone whom I feel is being detrimental to the conversation.

And a hint: other people's opinion needn't be "inflammatory" unless you let it.

You're absolutely correct. In fact, you seem to be a good debater. My only real question is why ruin your point?
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A Haiku, with affection, for cCranium.

So many questions
Oh look! My coffee is cold
You'll learn to love me.
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I am forced to love
All those who Haiku with grace
Welcome to MetaFilter.

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oh crap. well, I'll just go bury my head under this sand here.

posted by cCranium at 8:43 AM on September 29, 2000

Bert? Where'd you go Bert?
posted by Catch at 8:32 PM on September 29, 2000

mmrmph glurrgle mumble rrffft mruff.

/me takes his head out of the sand.

s/MetaFilter/MeFi and it works.

/me resumes his sand-eating ways.
posted by cCranium at 9:46 AM on September 30, 2000

/me not touching
this one with ten foot pole.
/me nervous now about connotations of term "ten foot pole".
posted by Catch at 12:59 AM on October 1, 2000

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