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Massive Postcard Swap update! There is now a Flickr group available if you would like to share your bounty.

All of the cards I've received have been *properly scanned* (an update from my previous super-quick photos) and added to the group. Phew. (Really, if someone was going to be an unsuspecting "organizer" it should have been someone more "organized.")

Anyhow, I made a Flickr group figuring that more people might like to share documentation of their awesome cards.

And yes, I'm still sending them to everyone on "The List." I'm up to page 7! 4 more pages to go!
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I still owe a few. But I did send two boxes of rice to Japan!

It's a good thing I have a warped sense of humor, because you don't want to know what it costs to ship 2 boxes of rice.
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THANK YOU to everyone who sent my friend dirty jokes while I am on the move. He LOVED them.

tantivy, toodleydoodley, apricot: they're ready, and here is photographic proof! They're going in the la poste cette semaine, and thanks for your patience.
7segement: I need your address, man. General Delivery isn't going to cut it.
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Has this shipped sailed already or can I get in on the postcard exchange?
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The ship has WAY sailed. At least, my part in it has. I'm no longer sending out "the list" or collecting addresses. Anyone else is, of course, welcome to do whatever they want. May I suggest post crossing if you're desperate to exchange cards at this juncture.
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But I did send two boxes of rice to Japan!

If you're still on a "carry coals to Newcastle" kick, you can send me a few dozen lobsters.
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"carry coals to Newcastle"

It was a special request. I'm still uncertain my leg wasn't being pulled, especially since the request was for Minute Rice.
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Super! Now to figure out how I'm going to use the scanner at work to digitize these pictures without getting crazy looks from people... hmmm...
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I posted crappy iPhone pics, but tomorrow I will scan mine.
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Joined the group and once I can get my scanner unbroken I will post mine as well.
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Some time back I sent Jessamyn a postcard made out of carbon fiber. I figured that if she didn't like it she could put it in the microwave oven and cool things would happen.
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I'm still uncertain my leg wasn't being pulled, especially since the request was for Minute Rice.

There's really nothing available in Japan except Japanese rice and Thai rice. Going out for Indian food? Thai rice. Paella? Thai rice. It's just not right. Minute Rice?? Not a chance in hell. And totally un-substitutable in some recipes, like the elusive Midwestern casserole.

(It's a protected market, the aim of which is to prevent the Japanese agricultural sector from completely collapsing. This is also why rice is really expensive there. Funny incident a couple years ago where, as WTO members, they were forced to import rice from somewhere in Asia, but they were stockpiling it and then shipping it out as foreign aid donations rather than sell it in Japan...)
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