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Hey Vancouverites, let's get together to celebrate the fresh air left behind by the Olympics.

I just moved here from Calgary, so any suggestions for a nice pub? When's a good time for folks?
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Welcome to Vancouver!
OK, I promised myself I would go to the next meetup, and it's been a while. I guess the Olympic meetup fizzled?

The Brickhouse, Main St/Georgia (I love this place but it doesn't have food)
The Alibi Room, Gastown (Lots of good beers! Never been here, been meaning to go)
The Cascade Room, Main St/10th (Food's expensive but it's a decent place for a big group)

Probably mid-week is best, since people are busy on the weekend, right?
How about the week of March 15th to 19th?

I will propose The Alibi Room on Thursday March 18th.
Oh, I think I might have couchsurfers with me, but I'll try to bring them along. Who's in?
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March 18th works for me. Lots of beers also works! I'm up for the Alibi Room, unless anyone else a great suggestion?
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OK, now that's it... Amsterdam meetup called exactly when I leave, the Vancouver meetup that I am available for is mysteriously cancelled, and as soon as I arrive back in Korea you guys set up a new one.

Just tell me to my face.
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Its not just you Meatbomb, I spent all winter bored, hungry, lonely and crying in Vancouver, and now the day after I leave town they go and schedule a meet-up!

I'll be back in April though, oh yes, I'll be back, you'll see......
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Oh man, I LOVE the Alibi room. So much tasty tasty beer. Alas, I head out on a theatre tour on the 17th. Drink 8 for me!
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Dang, I'm in Austin then. Drink heartily for me as well!
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Hey, mannequito - how about the 16th or 17th?
posted by RGD at 11:27 PM on March 5, 2010

I'd love too!

Except I'll be in Mexico for those days.
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Yay for the venue, not positive about the date. The 16th or 17th would be better for me.
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as long as it's not Wednesday or Sunday and I'm not up in Whistler on Paralympics coverage, I'm in.
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I'd be up for a meetup - might be a last minute decision, though.
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Provided it's a Friday or Saturday (can't do weeknights), I'll go.
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Huzzah for the Alibi Room. I'm down.
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OK I just had an idea. Some people at my office use this tool Doodle to schedule meetings. Just click on the poll, type your name, and put a checkmark on any day in which you would attend if a meetup was held on those days. We'll see if there's a day that works for more people.
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I doodled, but can't spell my own username...
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That's fantastic - thanks PercussivePaul!
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I'm in!
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Looks like Friday March 26th is the best date. I'll try to book a table.
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Friday 26 I am in Portland :( if we meet on the Thursday I can join in !!
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What time, and shouldn't it be MeTa meetup sidebarred?
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Ok. Majority vote via the poll seems the fairest way to do it and that means Friday wins. I'm sorry seawallrunner; either we exclude you, or we exclude someone else who can't make it on Thursday.

At the Alibi Room there is a dining room upstairs and a lounge downstairs. The guy I talked to said we should be in the lounge given our style of group (casual, people coming and going)... but you can't reserve space there. It opens at 6:00pm on Fridays. I figure if we make it 7:00, it shouldn't be too full?

Date: Friday March 26th
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: The Alibi Room, downstairs lounge

Sound good?
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sounds good.
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done and done.
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argh, so the poll option has voted for the 26th?

see you at the next meetup, lads and ladettes.
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I'm in. Alibi is a great choice.
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Count me in.
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Cool. I haven't been there since it was the Archimedes. I'm in too.
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I'm back, though I'm in for only an hour or two, quite likely full of scotch, before I run off to radioland. If things progress after midnight, I can always reconvene.
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Aw man! I've got a friend from out-of-province coming to visit me that evening and I don't think he'll want to go see the Mefites... I'll see if I can convince him, but I have a feeling I won't be able to show up. Damn!
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Sorry — I'll be dining out for life. See you next time.
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Damn RGD. What kind of friend would not want to hang out at an awesome bar with good bear and fantastic Mefites? Seriously.... well feel free to come by even for a bit if that's all you can manage.

So everyone else, reminder that it's tomorrow night (Friday). I'll be coming from Mount Pleasant, anyone want to go as a group? Meet me at the JJ Bean at 14th/Main around 6:15. Send me a MeMail if you want to do that so I'll know to look for you.
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er, good beer
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Oh cool, they got bears?! Who wouldn't want to see that! If I get off of work early, I'll probably be at the Alibi at about 6:15, but I can't get to Main by that time.
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It didn't occur to me to make a sign or anything. I'll scribble Mefi on a napkin and leave it on the table, or something like that, unless someone else is more organized than me.

Also you can always ask "are you a friend of Matt Haughey".

No-one messaged me so I might skip JJ bean.

See you tonight.
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I'll be there. I might be a bit late but I'm definitely looking forward to getting one of the 4 beer samplers they offer.
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That was fun.

I've posted my photos. jeffj, I wasn't sure if that was you in the photos - if so, let me know and I'll remove the "?".
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That's me! And yes, that was fun!
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Positively smashing, it was.
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work is eating my soul and my processor cycles, photos up tomorrow at the latest. apologies.
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Huh. Just realised that we here in Lotus Land suck at the shoutouts too. Is it too late? jonmc, pips, elizard, bitteroldpunk, BoringPostcards, taz! (hi taz!), small_ruminant, arse_hat, LT, and others: hiyas!
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