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I'm looking for an old AskMe comment about someone who spent a lot of time interviewing and developing their job interview skills.

This is going to be vague because I really don't remember much about it. All I know for sure is that the comment is a couple years old and that it was in response to a question and not an AskMe question itself.

I'm not sure if the commenter was a job hopper or not; they just said that they spent a lot of time interviewing, learning the ins and outs, and got really good at it. Wish I had more to go on here, but I'll know it if I see it.

I've searched around but not found it yet.

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I had the presence of mind to favorite it and forgot. here it is in case anyone is interested.
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FWIW, I didn't know the exact answer you were looking for but was going to suggest searching allkindsoftime's activity anyway. He's been a big help to a lot of unsure, low-confidence applicants. (Thanks, allkindsoftime!)
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Hey, no probs carsonb. I just hope it helped anonymous get the job. Also, for the record, one book I'd highly recommend to future interviewers is 60 Seconds and You're Hired. A lot of what I learned can be attributed to Ryan's guidance there.

Its kinda funny how I got my first job, actually - I had gotten good enough grades in my major that I automatically qualified somehow for some honorary at my college, which as it turned out looked pretty good to put on the resume. But, I never bothered to go to any of the honorary group's meetings, or on any of the field trips to visit the employers that the group took. So one day I'm opening my mail and I get a note from the honorary, threatening me that if I didn't attend the next meeting and the next field trip, I'd be kicked out and couldn't list it on my resume anymore.

So, I showed up at the meeting - kind of a little embarrassing in front of all these kids who took it a lot more seriously than I did, and they tell me that I have to bring a resume along on the field trip to Kaufmann's. Kaufmann's was one of the former subsidiaries of May Company, which used to be Macy's main competitor in the department store market back before they were bought up by Macy's parent company and they all became Macy's. Anyway, I didn't even have any real interest in applying there, but I did want to keep the honorary on my resume, and it got me out of a day of classes, so I pulled out a slightly out-dated version of my resume (didn't want to waste the ones printed on the nice paper on the trip) and put on a suit (but no tie - rebel).

So we show up at Kaufmann's boardroom and some of their senior management give us an overview of the company and then the HR rep takes us on a tour of the offices / flagship store. I'm kinda lagging towards the back as we walk around the place, and bored out of my mind, so I'm just pointing at things and asking questions about how their operations worked to the HR guy who's near the back of the pack with me. What I didn't know was twofold: A) He was the head of HR for May Co., and B) one of their key HR philosophies was that those entry-level college kids who ask the most questions are typically the most interested in the business and will do the best. So, that's where I confirmed that philosophy, I guess - a few months later I was working for them on a salary a bit higher than their initial offer.

Anyway, all this makes me no professional interview coach or anything, but I'm always happy to help fellow mefites however I can when it comes to trying to land a job - feel free to me-mail me if I can be of service.
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