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Retarded Genius?

I've seen this before - or rather, something that looks almost exactly in the same style.

My dad's business (in a small stripmall in a well-to-do suburb) had sexually explicit pictures in an extremely similar in style to these pasted on his business door/front for a few weeks.

At everyone's requests, he ended up calling the cops, but they didn't do much. A week later my dad, while loading his dog into the stationwagon, got blindsided and got the goddamned fucking shit beat out of him by the "artist" (as was determined by the police) who pasted the drawing on his business front.

Are there anyone who live in the area who can follow-up with what happens?
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double-plus ungood
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MetaTalk is really starting to feel like performance art.
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I do not understand why this is in MeTa. porpoise, I am reading your profile page and it seems like I may be able to safely disregard this?
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It's between 7pm and 4am PST.

Does your dad live in New Zealand?
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If I understand you correctly, you want us to find this retarded genius artist who may have kicked the crap out of your father for calling the cops when he posted these pictures on the door to his business which is in a strip mall of a well-to-do suburb.

I need more information.
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Paddy Wagon March Madness Shish Ra Bob
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I guess I am going to close this.
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