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I am presenting an installation at an audio art festival in Baltimore in May. Does anyone want to meet up?

The Megapolis Festival is in Baltimore this year, from May 14 to May 16. My project was selected to be a part of the festival (not in Projects yet cause it's still being worked on!)

I should have time to meet people in between making sure my installation hasn't crashed and checking out the other festival events. Scheduling isn't set up yet, but the locations of many of the venues are here.
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I think I might. I'm a little overdue for a visit up that way.
posted by Wolfdog at 2:38 PM on April 1, 2010

Yeah, definitely, I should be around then.
posted by advil at 5:38 PM on April 1, 2010

YES. Oh, wait. I think that's implied. :)

I vote for a Hampden venue.
posted by youcancallmeal at 5:48 PM on April 1, 2010

The whatnow? Huh. I'm prolly in.

Looks Arts Corridor. The Mount Royal Tavern is a couple blocks SW of the southern venues, and is the cheap watering hole in that area. I recommend there.

(@Al: it's a half dozen blocks south of the Ottobar.)
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please memail me when you post to projects.
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Paging sonascope.
Seconding CHT re: Greenmount West or Station North or whatisit we're calling it now. MRT is a slight walk, Club Charles is right in the thick of it but can get too crowded on the weekends.
Having glanced at the blog of mkb I would say the Brewer's Art, but that can also get crowded.
Just throwing out ideas. I drink too much in this area, so I'll be quiet now and show up wherever y'all decide on.
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If the day is Friday or Saturday night I don't know of anywhere in that area that won't be pretty crowded. Sunday afternoon or evening might be better for talking and gossiping about other Mefites. (MeeeeeeFights)
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Well, Sunday afternoon will be primarily consumed with me packing up my gear and driving home. The festival ends at 4PM Sunday and it takes me 8 hours to drive home. Not that I turn into a pumpkin at midnight, but I don't want to linger for too long on Sunday.

Once the schedule is made public I can be sure where my piece will be showing.
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My vote is almost always for Dougherty's if we're talking Mt Vernon, otherwise Frazier's in Hampden usually has lots of space. The Ottobar is always good, since I literally live two blocks away.
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electroboy you are freaking me out a little. I was at Dougherty's last night, Frazier's the night before, and the Ottobar on Sunday. Ha!
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Possible tipping point: You can usually get WiFi at the MRT.
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I've never understood the appeal of MRT. It's just...bleh. If I have to cross 83, Brewer's Art is so much better. If we do it relatively early, they shouldn't be terribly packed. Otherwise, Frazier's is super close to me (and mkb, since he's my first Mefi couchsurfer!) and is pretty big and roomy.
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I was at Dougherty's last night, Frazier's the night before, and the Ottobar on Sunday.

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Well, cjorgensen, I was about to MeMail you to watch the Projects page for my post, but you disappeared :(
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When does the schedule come out?
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The schedule last year went public about a month before the event, so it must be real soon now.
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Well anyway, here it is.
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OK, the schedule isn't out, but I think it's going to be tough to do an evening meetup because the real big festival events were at night. What if we do Saturday lunchtime or afternoon at Brewer's Art? I looked at their website and drooled! I might go there on my own anyway.

I'll post again once I know where I am going to be set up.
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OK, I am officially going to be set up in the WYPR studio at 2216 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD‎. Anyone still interested? Bueller?
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I'm still interested, I think I should be around should add this to the meetup sidebar.
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OK, I am officially going to be set up in the WYPR studio at 2216 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD‎. Anyone still interested? Bueller?

Really? That's blocks from me. When?
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May 14th - May 16th.

Here is the official schedule. I will be meeting people at WYPR so I can convince them to play with my installation on their way to or from workshops. Those times are 10:30am – 12:00pm, 1pm to 2:30 pm, 3pm - 3:45 pm, and 3:45 - 4:30 pm on Saturday, and 10:30am – 11:15pm, 11:15am – 12pm, and 2:15pm – 3:45pm.

Huh, maybe Sunday at noon-ish would be easiest. So let's say May 16th, Brewer's Art, 12:30 pm!
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Frak Brewers' Art. It's a money pit.

Whatever, I can probably pull 12:30ish off, or meet you at YPR.
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Well, wherever to eat is fine with me, why don't we meet at YPR and find somewhere to go from there?
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(or drink)
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Brewer's is fine with me, as is Sunday at noon. Yay!
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Not to be a bummer, but Brewer's Art site says:
Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat 4:00pm - 2:00am
Sun 5:00pm - 2:00am
Full Dinner Service Starting at 5:30

This place frankly annoys me for some reason I'm not sure I can even explain, but it is close by and will apparently be open at that hour. I haven't been in there in a long time, so maybe it's different now...?
and i am probably going to be out of town anyway, so my preferences are irrelevant - just trying to help with some info...
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Well, if we meet at WYPR we can just go somewhere from there.
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Ah, crap! I think I even knew that and totally forgot! No worries. We'll figure something out.
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Yeah, let's do WYPR. Then we can head south and gauge which venues are promising.
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I'll point out that the problem with meeting somewhere and then leaving is if people want to come late, they won't know where to find us. :(
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Well, those people can call or text Rhode Island area code HEX LIP 0 (that's a zero) to find out where we are!
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Oh, I am also spinning records between live acts at Wind-Up Space on the Friday night of that weekend.
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If anybody is reading this, we are heading to Nam Kang right near WYPR. I am wearing a brown T-shirt with a yellow hummingbird thinking "Things will be different when I learn to breathe fire."
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Damn. Have to miss out. Have fun.
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Who came? How was it?
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youcancallmeall and deeparch and advil and me. We had lunch and then Al went her own way while the remaining three of us hung out for the first time in 7 years! So that was nice. I don't think there are any pictures of the installation up yet.
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