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I'm not the most timely of chaps, and SF folks are already meeting this weekend, but might any MeFites be going to see Orbital at The Warfield next Friday, April 16? Or anyone want to meet around there before or after the show?

I'm not a local lad, so I thought I might try and meet up with whoever is around, or even see if other MeFites are going to the show (event info: doors at 8, starts at 9, no word on an opener). I'm planning on being near the venue by 8pm or so, and then lurking around the area to get coffee afterwords, if there are any night owls in the area. Of course, if people wanted to meetup elsewhere that night, I'd love to drop by and say Hi, on my way to or fro.
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Derail: Orbital reformed and I didn't know about it? I am so old and out of touch. Makes a kind of sense: Neither of their solo efforts really worked completely, though then again neither did their last couple of albums.
posted by Artw at 10:30 AM on April 6, 2010

Orbital reformed and I didn't know about it?

Yeah, no kidding!!! How did I not hear about this until now? I bet they've already toured to every city within a day's drive of me. That's how these things always work out.

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Continued derail: I didn't realize they did much apart, and thought they wanted to take a break/get away from music (relevant wiki link). I wanted to see them at Coachella, but I didn't find anyone else to go this year.
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On non-preview: hippybear, I've only seen dates for Ultra Fest (Florida), Warfield and Coachella, at least in the US. Thus my excitement for a non-Coachella date in CA.
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In further derails, I really can't imagine seeing Orbital not in the open air. I'm sure this Warfield place is nice and all, but really they should be seen in the middle of a bloody great field.
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I saw Moby and Hybrid in a theater. It was weird, and hard to dance. I expect the same with the Warfield. I'm sad I won't be dancing in the sun with the masses, but hopefully they'll play more than 45 minutes or an hour of music. Coachella is great for the variety, but it's a buffet of samples, incomplete tastes that are often blended together in ways that don't mix (example: The Prodigy come-back special, complete with extra speakers, mixed with Belle and Sebastian and anyone else playing at that time).
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Ha, hilarious, I didn't know about this either, am old and out of touch, etc. I just checked for tickets and the floor is sold out, and the idea of *sitting* in the balcony at a show like this isn't part of my universe. Oh well.
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That's tempting.

Okay, so my first thought was "their DJ sets have gotten bad reviews, haven't they?" But then I realized I'm confusing them with The Orb. Again.
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I went to see The Orb at a venue with seats once after eating a cake of some kind and ended up falling asleep. It was very good while I was awake though!
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Ah, as an old man (of 30 =) I look forward to sitting down and enjoying the music (though I might see if I can sneak down and dance for a while, unless they have door guards like at The Fox, who ensure no mixing of the levels). Otherwise, I'll be dancing in the isles.

I've fallen asleep listening to Tortoise, and another time to Sigur Ros. The former was an afternoon event at Coachella, after eating food, and the latter was after standing in the cold for an hour, not properly dressed for the waiting in line. Both cases were lovely, pleasant ways to nap, but I wish I were more awake to remember the music.
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I wish. Sadly my travel out of Texas this year takes me the other direction. Post a meetup report and tell us how awesome it is, please.
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I've actually seen Orbital at the Warfield before, and yeah, the venue isn't ideal for dancey music, but it's certainly not terrible. That was in summer 2001, and it was fun, even though The Altogether was such a let down. In the lobby I got to play Frequency, a month or two before its release, so that was a plus.

Anyway: that sounds like fun, I should go. I'm up for meeting up a bit earlier, though it's hard for me to get out of work and somewhere else before 6:30 or 7.
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Oh man, I would LOVE to see Orbital. I'm not gonna be in SF, but I'm looking for tour dates, and all I see is some festivals in the UK. I don't even see the SF show mentioned. Where can I find tour dates?
posted by DecemberBoy at 6:00 AM on April 7, 2010

DecemberBoy, I was searching for US dates and found this page, which only lists the now-past Ultra Fest in FL, Warfield and Coachella. Loopz news page doesn't have any additional US shows =\
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I'm going to avoid the Ticketmaster fee by visiting the box office on Sunday. I could pick up more tickets, if that fee's stopping anyone else.

Now listening (& ignoring the video to): Orbital - Halcyon+On+On
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Pronoiac, that would be fantastic.

And the YT comments and replies are wonderful:

AfflictionMusic I remember hearing this in a cky movie and saw bam margera coming out of the water with this music on..I feel in love right away lol Thanks for posting this song.

DreamWhiteWolf (uploader) Greetings
Enjoy, thank you.
Blessed Be
Wilsonflo this is like one of the last songs on the movie Mortal Kombat

DreamWhiteWolf (uploader) Greetings
Yes it is, thank you.
Blessed Be
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DecemberBoy: it appears that this is a very limited-engagement reunion. Apparently they are only playing a few festivals in the US and Europe... and that one SF show. That's it. I can't find any indication that we should expect a more extensive tour.

Like, Peter Gabriel is going on "tour" and is playing 10 dates in 6 cities... three in North America and three in Europe. Montreal, NYC, LA, London, Paris, and Berlin. That's it. *grumble* I thought this "new music economy" was supposed to be about making money from touring and not relying on CD sales.
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hippybear, that's for the young bands who lack the hefty back catalog. Reissues and licensing tracks beats singing for your bread.
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flt: I mean, I understand. He's touring with a full symphonic orchestra. That can't be cheap. (It's hard enough to get The Polyphonic Spree on the road, and they "only" have 24-28 people.) I just wish he were doing a TAD more extensive of a tour. I'd love to see how the arrangements of his older songs work in this new setting. His latest album is interesting -- certainly not the typical "symphonic rock" album.
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Our tickets are procured, filthy light thief.
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Pronoiac: you are wonderful.

Everyone/anyone else: who is interested in a pre/post show meetup, or for that matter, any kind of meetup?
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