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Going to be in LA between the 15th and 20th of this month.

And while I don't know any MeFite Angelinos well enough to call a meetup, I am wondering if a. anyone here knows of stuff going on (concerts, demonstrations, be-ins, other cultural events) which are outstanding in some way, and, b. anyone is planning on going to any of this afore-mentioned stuff and would not mind saying hi to an expat Angelino. (I just might go to a Dodger game, as masochistic as that sounds.)
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You can find some stuff that's going on in the calendar section of LA Weekly. I know that doesn't help with your find people to go to it with, but it's a start.
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LAist is my place for events, imho. I can also fill you in on a ton of things going on in the underground arts/performance/installation scene, but there's no one central place to browse those.

We Westsiders have been trying to get something together here, but we're stalled at present. Count me in for anything as long as I can bike there.

(Pedantic note: "Angelenos.")
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I'll be in Hermosa and could actually bike to Venice without too much trouble, but the timing is off.
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I'd be interested in a Dodgers game meetup, but I'm pretty sure it will be impossible to get tickets while you're in town (they have their first home game on the 13th and they're playing the Giants that weekend) - I've already got tickets for Saturday's game, and StubHub has a fair offering right now, but they'll be picked up pretty soon. Also, what's with the masochistic dig? DODGERS FOR LIFE.*

*In my heart, directly after the Cincinnati Reds, that is.
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