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The book club thread is now live on MetaChat. We read Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood along with the lectures on it by Professor Amy Hungerford, here and here.

Careful readers will note that the discussion is kicking off a week late, due to my lameness.

Our next book will be Lolita, if we still have a quorum.
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Sorry I missed it. Wise Blood is amazing. "My church is the church where the lame don't walk and the blind don't see and them that's dead stays that way." The movie, one of John Huston's last, is awesome as well (with Brad Douriff and Ned Beatty).
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Sorry I missed it

You didn't miss it yet, its a metafilter style club. Jump on in and school us.
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Incredible book. Thanks for the heads up about the book club, and the Yale courses.
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No man with a good car needs to be justified. (Goofy video of Redline/Whiteline remix of Jesus Built My Hotrod.)
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OK, I did then. BTW, that book is such an icon in my family that my dad and brother actually reenacted parts of it on a drive across the south -- my brother stood on the hood of their car and preached Hazel Motes speeches verbatim.
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I love this book too. Hoping the next discussion, of another of my favorites (Lolita) is scheduled in June, as I'm going to be out of the U.S. for most of May.

Hungerford is great, BTW, for those who haven't taken a look at the links to her lectures yet.
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