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Stranded-in-Philly filter: Any mefites in Philly want to hang Sunday night? I'm visiting a friend in Philly this weekend and just found out he's busy all Sunday after brunch-time. My flight doesn't leave until 9pm that night!

I'm staying with him in the 3900 block of Baltimore Ave, right on the western outskirts of the University of Pennsylvania. In his words: "On Sunday, I'm not really sure when/where I'll be dumping you. I live in West Philly but if we get brunch somewhere, I can either let you loose after brunch or we can come back to campus. I live very close to the subway so it's easy to get downtown from my house via public transit."

I'm not afraid of public transportation and I'm going to have to eventually get myself back to the airport in time for my 9pm flight anyway. Anyone have any ideas on how I can entertain myself? Any awesome Philly things going on that afternoon? Entertaining myself in the presence of other mefites a double-plus!
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I could hang out in the UPenn area if something comes together.

I know you'll be eating brunch, but if we're gonna be down there I wanna get my hands on some food from the new Bobby Flay burger joint.
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I know hanging with people is infinitely preferable, but I think the Philly airport has a hugenormous mall inside it. And you could get drunk at the bars and go to the GAP.
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Ohh, ordinarily I'd be all about an impromptu afternoon meetup, but I don't think i can do it on Saturday.

There's plenty of good wandering in West Philly to keep you occupied. And perhaps some of the other Philly Mefites could chime in here?
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(I mean Sunday.)
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There are a couple of decent used bookstores nearby that might be useful. One on 38th and Locust and another on Spruce between 39th and 40th.

I can't offer you company because I no longer live there.
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I doubt it's what you're looking for, but there's a pretty sweet graveyard right next to you-- around 40th and Woodland (right by Baltimore). There's also a bunch of cafes, food, and a park. Adding public transportation to the mix, though, leads to a near-infinite number of possibilities-- what kind of stuff are you looking for?

Unfortunately, like sciencegeek, I only used to live there, but feel free to MeMail me for more specific suggestions.
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Well today is a pretty cold and rainy day. Originally I wanted to find a way to get myself over to Love park and the art district but it doesn't really pay anymore. Yesterday we went to the UPenn girl's rugby game in Chester, saw the National Constitution Center and the liberty bell, walked through the gayborhood, visited giovanni's bookstore, and went to reading terminal market to buy stuff for supper. Friday night we ate in/walked around Chinatown. We're about to have cheesesteak for brunch and then I'm on my own. What I didn't realize when I wrote this question initially is that he's going to give me the key to his house so that I can come and go (and thus don't have to carry all my crap with me all day). I think because of that and the rain and predicted thunderstorms I'll just meander around the area. He suggested I chill out at Lovers and Madmen, a coffee shop near here. I bought a few books yesterday and I've scheduled a hair appointment at Saturn Club for 2:30 today so I think I can stay occupied. I plan to take the train back to the airport tonight. Overall ... I think I'm good.
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Sounds like a good time!

Since you mention the art district, I'll just point out that right near Saturn Club is the Institute of Contemporary Art. If you feel like maybe wandering through it for a little bit (it's not very big) before/after your haircut, it's free-- and dry. You can check out a description of the current exhibitions here.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Philly, despite the rain.
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So in case anyone really cares for an update, I ended up eating a philly cheesesteak from pat's in the italian market, then walked around the farmers market down there and went back to friend's house and passed out with a food coma until my haircut. After my great haircut I meandered over to Lovers and Madmen, had a really crappy iced mocha, sat and read until supper, ate some thai, got a call from the airport telling me my flight was delayed by an hour, waited around, walked to the university city train station, got another call telling me my flight was un-delayed, was never asked for fare money on the train, and now I'm sitting at the airport digging the free wireless while lamenting the fact that my plane is back to being delayed again. Overall, a meh but good day.
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