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Electron Boy: the Prequel.

Last week I posted the story of how the Make-A-Wish Foundation and several hundred volunteers made a boy named Erik Martin into a superhero named Electron Boy for a day. This weekend the Seattle Times has a follow-up story about Erik, his life story, the genesis of Electron Boy as his wish-fulfillment, and how people from around the world have responded to the story.

Warning: If you found the original story to be emotionally provoking, the follow-up will be a lot harder. That young man has been dealt some incredibly bad luck, healthwise. Might inspire folks to send a little love to the the American Cancer Society or Seattle Children's Hospital.
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We just talked about this, and the general consensus is that if the thread is still open, updates go there. I don't mean to sound callous in the face of what's obviously a heart-wrenching story, but this whole 'update in MeTa' wound is fresh, like your Electron Boy thread. Copypasta your update to your thread and don't get too upset if this gets closed up.
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Hey, thanks for the link to that thread--hadn't read it, didn't realize that the follow ups in MeTa was controversial. Will follow up in the original thread.
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Man, I am so going to sue that kid.
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I'm just going to close this up.
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Well all that space after didn't work.
also, the "remove the [small] posted by" business can be spoofed by dropping a space between the small tag and the type. Just as a heads-up, in case that's something you want to fix.
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Yup, thread's still open feel free to post this there.
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