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I've been on metafilter all day, and every comment in every thread from March 2 9:29pm is marked as new. I logged in this morning at or about 12:52 PM, and it is 3:23 as I write these words.
posted by rebeccablood to Bugs at 3:24 PM (3 comments total)

Tried logging out (you may need to log out twice, and ignore the error), and loging back in?
posted by riffola at 3:45 PM on March 5, 2002

hmmm. I'll try that. thing is, back here, the new comments have changed with the times.

of course, this is a separate login.

wait, wait! I just went to metafilter again (in a different window) and the new comments had updated (a bit)

posted by rebeccablood at 3:52 PM on March 5, 2002

I've been on metafilter all day,

*sigh* I know the feeling.
posted by ColdChef at 6:11 PM on March 5, 2002

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