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LA Mefites, (un)fortunately I am moving away from the city, fleeing north to Portland. Anyone up for getting some beers before I leave?

My schedule has been chaotic, so I haven't been able to know my firm leave dates until only recently. I am driving out of town on the 25th, so this upcoming weekend is probably the most likely time.
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West sideish is probably easy to do. I live near Brennan's, which has plenty of outdoor seating, cheap drinks, food, and parking, if we just want to hang out there.

Bonus points: it is near my apartment, in case anyone wants to pick through stuff I am trying to get rid of (shelves, desks, chairs) memail for details.
posted by mrzarquon at 3:35 PM on May 19, 2010

I'll try to make it! (Saturday's probably better than Friday for me, but since I can't absolutely promise either way, don't let it hinge solely on my preferences.) I have a soft spot for Brennan's, as Mr. scody and I accidentally wound up there for an evening of turtle racing on our very first date.
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How about beers when you get HERE??
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I've been meaning to go to an LA meet-up, so provided nothing important comes up this weekend I'm down.
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I don't think we have anything going this weekend, although nothing is ever certain in Mr. F's exciting data-tech life.

(Dammit! There needs to be more reliable VFX work in Portland.)
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> How about beers when you get HERE??

Well, I can only post one gathering request at a time. However if someone wants to propose something at Apex for the weekend of June 5th, I could make it (my profile has been updated with my new neighborhood; South East / Clinton / Mt Tabor represent).
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If you stop through SF, I'll have a beer with you.
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I have had drinks with mrzarquon and I heartily endorse his company.
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I'm down for a meetup this weekend, though it's sad to see you go, mrzarquon!
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I can't do Saturday night. Another going-away party, my 5'3" 25 y/o blonde blue eyed friend is going to MOROCCO, the dum ho.

So, I'd love to start early on Sat or do it Friday, and steeeeeeal more of your thiiiiiings. (I already got his precious shelvings MMMMMmmmmm storagey!)
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Wait a minute, didn't you just get here?

This weekend is sorta busy, but maybe I could make it. I'll be serving up beer in the Silver Lake Jubilee beverage tent starting at 10 am on Sunday morning. speicus and the3rdman are playing with Killsonic at the Jubilee on Saturday. And Friday I'll be doing something similar in Pasadena for a bike week related event. It's my week of volunteerism through beer, I guess.
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Also, anyone interested in foursquare (or even twosquare) this weekend?
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I'd be up for it, brennan's has a patio space out back that they use for the turtle racing, which we could probably sneak a foursquare court into. (being as they provide cups and tables for flip cup games, I wouldn't see them opposed to that as well). If folks think that would be a decent venue, I can check tonight to make sure such a thing is possible.
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Yay, the Pacific Northwest gets mrzarquon back!

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Just checked in at brennans, beer pong for the football league starts at 1pm on Saturdays. Don't know if we want to try to front a team for something at 2pm, for a sunny afternoon of beer, or try for something else.
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Well, I'm in for that. Hell, I'll bring bocce. Bar bocce -- why? WHY NOT? *smash, sue*
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We've been pushed off the frontpage, and the best meetup time appears to be for tomorrow, so I'm going to call it:

2pm, Brennan's Pub

Memail me for my cell number, if you want to stay in touch during the day.

Fake mentioned he may arrive in LA by tomorrow, so depending on what state he is in, we may be a welcoming committee (or we may have an excuse to get together on Sunday as well).
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Hmmm.... (gets out her metaphorical balancing scales)

Work on 'Women in Science' research paper.... OR beer & foursquare & bocce....?
Work on Sociology project paper.... OR hang out with awesome people from the internet....?

Procrastinate and pretend said papers aren't due in two weeks? WIN!!

What time/day did we land on?
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Preview is my friend, dammit!
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Also, I'll be coming from the Pasadena area if anyone wants to carpool. It is a bit of a hike to Venice.
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Just heard from Fake, he's got 'corporate housing' at an extended stay over in Glendale.

Any mefites in the area think they could help him unpack and then bring him over to the westside for beers? I can head over to that neck of the woods if need be, but if we already have a collection of folks near him, it may just work out better timing wise.
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I'd be happy to help him in Glendale on my way in and give a ride. I come equipped with a dude who can help too. I'll be at your place shortly, MrZ... Stopped for a falafel... They're walking it over from Lebanon, apparently.
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I've never been to a meetup and I'm sort of shy, but I think I'm going to come. How do I recognize you all?
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I'm on the right, and check your memail, I've sent you my number in case you want to check and see where we are seated (i will also update the thread).
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Just heard from Fake, he's got 'corporate housing' at an extended stay over in Glendale.

Any mefites in the area think they could help him unpack and then bring him over to the westside for beers?

I can do this sort of thing. Memail me for phone number stuff, fake, if you see this.

I've never been to a meetup and I'm sort of shy, but I think I'm going to come. How do I recognize you all?

This has been a notorious issue with LA meetups. We missed dobbs at the last one 'cause he didn't recognize any of the attendees. The MeFites here are cool enough to blend in with everyone else, so you can't just eye around a bar for the Internet Dork Brigade. Again, send me a memail and I'll give you my phone number. When you get to the bar, call me. I'll see it's you, look towards the bar door, and rush over to meet you like we're long lost pals. You can also check past LA meetup threads for links to photo sets. Nearly everyone who's chimed in on this thread has had their mug captured and posted and tagged at one point or another.

Oh, and hey, sad to see you go, mrz. It seems LA hasn't been the best fit for you, so I hope you get on better up north. See ya tomorrow.
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I'm local to Glendale too, and would be happy to help!
Memail me for phone number, fake (or AV or CarsonB).
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I'm near Glendale as well, though my energy levels are a little dodgy these days; if I'm up for it, I'm totally willing to help (or at least drop by with snacks for the people who can actually do heavy lifiting!).

Carson and/or MrZ, drop me a memail with your phone # and I'll be in touch if I can help out (or if I'm going to be more on the late end for the meetup, just so's I can double-check in case you've left Brennan's and gone elsewhere).
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"I've never been to a meetup and I'm sort of shy, but I think I'm going to come. How do I recognize you all?"

If you don't recognize my prodigious genitals, my beard will suffice.

(Sorry. Already drunk. GO TIGERS!)
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Also: LA mefites, who needs what back? Mr. Z, I got your Hellboy and Venture Brothers and (I think) a tupperware thing what had the mac and cheese (so good) in it. I will trade these gladly for a taste of that mythic beer you teased me with.

Anyone else? Scody, I think I have some dish of yours where the brownies came from—the ratatouille was good, but the brownies were heavenly—but I'm not sure.

also in the spring cleaning if anyone is like, I need some pornography that has NEVER BEEN WATCHED SO AS TO MINIMIZE WEIRDNESS, you can totally have it because I found an extra crate—you read that right, an extra crate—of stuff that I snagged to trade with some music business friends but they got fired too and decided that also they don't need more porn so I have surplus DON'T JUDGE ME
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I will trade a very large, perhaps the largest, collection of limericks (naughty ones included) for weird porn. Or, if you prefer, a new, unread copy of Sleepaway. Don't mind if the tapes are pre-watched, lends a sort of additional meta-voyeuristic hint to the viewing experience that really turns my cra—er, that I like.
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I forgot about the brownie pan! Sure, I'll take it. Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to your insanely sweet email (last week, I think?). How you doing? I hope I'm up for it tomorrow -- would love to see you and The Whole Gang.
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> mythic beer you teased me with

Unfortunately, I have already relocated that to PDX on a previous (I was flying up for a job interview and wanting to bring my "extra fragile things that I don't want baking in my trunk" with me). I have other mythic beers, and some bottles of scotch that need finishing off, in case we want to do that after Brennan's.

Ok, I just checked, I have one mythic beer left, but it's a doozy.

You guys can keep the tupperware as well, I am actually getting rid of my misc. stuff so as to streamline moving (pretty much I am in a weird situation where it is either move stuff in my car, or pay $1500 to move my ikea furniture. i figure for less than $1500 I can replace my ikea furniture with more ikea furniture. ikea should offer a knights templar like service; drop off your wobbly coffee table in carson city, pickup a new wobbly coffee table in portland).
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I am here with insectosaurus at the bar, it's pretty quiet and empty, if you can't find me, well, I don't know what else to say.
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Mr. F and I are grabbing lunch and heading over after for a beer, but he's gotta be in work at 4.
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I'm heading down now.
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nap attacked, but I'm on my way.
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I intend to head over later this afternoon -- I'll check in with someone to see if you're all still at Brennan's or have moved on to other locales at that point.
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We are on the patio in the back
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I'm still coming... I went to bed last night this morning.
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Well, I did my best but just got in now. If someone feelslike drinks tonight or tomorrow, email me.
posted by fake at 4:34 PM on May 22, 2010

fake, I just sent you memail.
posted by scody at 5:20 PM on May 22, 2010

Wow, was that the longest LA meetup ever? Full 8 hours?

Good times.
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pictures, or. . . . .
posted by Danf at 6:52 AM on May 23, 2010

I had a fucking blast and then lost consciousness in carsonb's truck. Good thing I had my phone to nav us back to my new place.

Thank you everyone, the food was great, the drinks were stiff and the mefites a hearty, handsome, and intelligent bunch. What a welcome.
posted by fake at 8:00 AM on May 23, 2010

Damn I missed seeing that this was going to happen! Fake, I grew up in Grand Forks and have been in LA for a while now. You seem like a great person and I hope we run into each other at some other meetup. There ain't too many nodaks round these parts, especially not ones that seem like people I want to know.
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That was indeed a rather lengthy meetup (but fun all the way!). I tried to stay til fake's arrival but had to take off at around Hour 4 for some family business. Sorry I missed seeing you, fake, I totally wanted to buy you a drink (even though you really deserve about 12). Hope you decide to come out to future meetups -- welcome to LA!

And so long, mrzarquon! It's like the circle of life. Or work relocation. Or something.
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Um, damn. Totally missed this one. This is what I get for staying away from the computer for a while.
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Great seeing everyone!*

Just posted the pics. Rock on. Thanks again for the camera bag mrzarquon!

*Except the people who showed up after I left :( Rainchecks for fake and scody.
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It was a good party, and great to meet you Fake, sorry that we are just passing, but I think I may actually have the free time to travel and visit folks more often with the new situation in PDX.

Fun fact: Portland is fucking awesome.

Also, the weekend that would be the Mefi 11 (7/16-18) is also the Portland International Beer Festival . Just saying...
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Bummed to have missed fake and scody, glad to have met or re-met everyone else.

(Ended up stuck at Mr. F's work until 10, but I see we could just have swung back to the pub.)
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mrzarquon, agreed -- but I have some friends in Portland, so we may end up meeting that way as well.

flaterik, fairytale, estherbester, and everyone else, surely, we shall meet at the next meetup.
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