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Central-ish Coast-like Californians: let's have a summer meetup!

If we actually meet in the next few months, we will start a trend of meeting with increasing frequency (2010/x/x, 2010/01/23, 2009/04/18). I'd like to claim San Luis Obispo as the destination this time 'round, but I'm only two (flt + Mrs. flt). Otherwise, the when and where are completely open.
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I'm in SLO. I work swingshifts so weekends are better for me. I have a couple of party/gigs coming up mid june so when I know more details it is possible i could invite y'all there ...
posted by Rube R. Nekker at 7:42 PM on May 27, 2010

I SO want to be in, but mayprobably will need transportation; I'm car-less and dependent upon the kindness of my wacky neighbors for at least another month or two (located just off Highway 101 'tween San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach). I don't have a 'favorite hangout place', but there are obvious local landmarks:

The Madonna Inn with its 'world famous' mens room, a perfect place for a pissing contest.

Mongo's Saloon in Grover Beach, where Jon Anderson of Yes performs every couple years to prove he's still alive. And if he's not there the night we are, we can all take turns singing falsetto.

Pea Soup Andersen's on Highway 101 'tween SLO/Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. No relation to Jon Anderson, but hey, come on, Pea Soup! (just make sure nobody accidentally goes to the other one on Interstate 5 in themiddleofnowhere).

Wherever Rube is playing whatever he's playing (ANOTHER DJ in SLO? why is it EVERYBODY I know around here is either a DJ or a former DJ?)

Either of the locations of the previous two meetups is okay, just MAKE SURE I CAN GET A RIDE THERE. (Bonus for giving the MeFite Formerly Known As Wendell a ride: I don't drink and I do drive so I can be designated driver for the trip back) But I think we're overdue for a location farther up the coast than before.

Or how about on board a sunken Russian submarine. I've heard there's one just off Avila Beach... btw, AWESOME POST, thief; I can't tell you how hard I resisted the temptation to make a "Jin and Sun on Lost" reference. Or for that matter, avoided mentioning the resemblance Andersen's 'pea-splitters' have to Hurley & Ben.
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Depending on when this happens, I may be driving from Santa Barbara, so if I go, I can pick up anyone along the way -- I'd be happy to give oneswellfoop and wendell a ride. Again, there's a big "if" -- my summer is shaping out to be a pretty busy couple o' months.
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oneswellfoop ... i am only dj of my awesome iPod so far (which we play between sets so, yeah, kinda sorta) ... the real attraction is bass-playing in a good-time-rock-n-roll band ...

the waterfall urinal may prove to be limiting, but i have had cocktails in the lounge at madonna which is great if you want to feel like you are meeting up in a turn-of-the-century brothel.

i will post some other location ideas when i have more of a brain ... question: is full-on pub (such as mongos or mccarthy's) a dealbreaker for anyone?

yours truly, Rube R. Nekker
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I'm from Pebble Beach originally. Wish I could make it, but I'm um far away now. Tip one for me if you'd be so kind!
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Full-on pub is no problem for me, as long as a Coke and Nothing is not a problem for the pubmaster... 'round here, I have been to the delightfully named Frog and Peach once, some years ago, but its namesake Peter Cook/Dudley Moore routine has been referred to in almost every British Comedy thread, so it's kinda MeFi-relevant.
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I'm at the other end of the Central Coast (Monterey), but if I have enough time to plan it I could be very interested!
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... so much spread ... makes me wonder if anyone's in ca valley/coaling-a ... mmmmMMmm spread.

dropped back by to say please make it a weeknight if that is more convenient for the majority!

& you shall always know of my doings once the gigfilter site thingy is up!
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I'm gone for the 2nd 1/2 of June and for the last weeks of July and August.
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SLO's my old stomping grounds. I'll likely be down there the first week of July for a Garden Street Freaks reunion, so if there's a meetup in that general timeframe I'd be happy to attend.
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lekvar - do you mean the 1st and 2nd of July (Th & Fr) or the next full week (5th-9th)?
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Sorry, I meant the first weekend, Jul 2 - 4. If there's a meetup a day to either side I'd probably be able to make it.
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4th of July will be madness in some of these coastal communities, though I'm sure we could find a quiet nook to chat for a while, drink some tea / brews or play games.

This weekend I'll ping the pseudo-locals who haven't chimed in yet. This FPP caught some local folks who I haven't heard from before.
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I have sent out a bucket of MeMail to local SLO-area folks, and anyone who has come to previous SB-area meet-ups. It was a bit hasty, so I might have spammed some inactive MeFites, so if you are one such person, my apologies! I wanted to be thorough.
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Like some strange type of fly, I have been attracted to this thread by the spam-that-wasn't-really-spam! Douglaswth and I are always up for local roadtrips (well, when we don't have other obligations, but I don't think we have specific plans for July yet).
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Thanks for the heads-up, flt. My June is a bit jammed up with graduation, moving apartments and a few other things. Otherwise, summer is pretty wide-open thereafter. I'd love to go to this one since I missed the last one at Mattei's.
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Maybe! I'll stay in touch!!!
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I just messaged flt, so I'll also post here. The 3rd/4th weekend in July is probably good. I might even goad some friends into joining me.

Has there been any more thought into where we might meetup? I'll pick my friends' brains and surf around Yelp.
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I never found my brains, so the only thing i came up with was Linnea's for a more daytime-ish non-brews coffee-in-the-patio thing. SLO gets pretty emptied out in the summer so I'm sure any venue will be pretty open. I think some of the places next to the creek feature patios AND brews; Frog & Peach, Creekside Brewing (never been). Manuel's Gas Light Lounge is a classic dive bar, (though not highly recommended) & did you know that we reside near the very DEFINITION of 'Dive Bar' if we want to take it to Baywood? My other thought was to avoid Mongo's on the 4th of July weekend since it is next to a dunes entrance.

One of my june gigs is someone's office party, so that's out. The one on Sat. June 26, though, is an afternoon show at a CRAZY PRIVATE SKATE PARK, so if any me-fites would like to come check it out, me-mail me & i'll forward you solid information (when i have it ... soon). Attending will not in any way disqualify you from the REAL meet-up!
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Manuel's Gas Light Lounge somehow feels more divey than the Marriage Breaker Widow Maker Merrimaker. Also, Merrimaker has karaoke on Friday and Saturday, which is fun, as long as no one group takes over. There are some fantastic singers, and some spirited singers. No one will judge you if you've never sang karaoke before, and people might even join in if it's a good song and you're singing with feeling. It might be hard to park on the 4th of July, as you can see the fireworks from Cayucos and Morro Bay if it's a clear night.
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What about Sally Loo's Cafe in the Historic "Rail Road District" ?
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Sally Loo's is adorable! It was pretty busy last time I went there, but again, this is while school was in session. I know they are closed mondays but I'm not sure about the rest -- i'll try to swing by and grab the hours this weekend & report back.

Re: Karaoke at the Merrimaker, shoot I'm down, but then we could be the ones TAKING OVER (rickrolls! all around!)
posted by Rube R. Nekker at 7:18 PM on June 4, 2010

I've ridden the bus past Sally Loo's a number of times, and I've been to a show or two when it was something else, but I haven't been in this latest incarnation. Sounds good to me, depending on hours of operation.

And I could be mistaken, but I don't think "Never Gonna Give You Up" is on the list of songs to choose (maybe it was something I was afraid to look for, as it would be too tempting, but it would go so wrong). Either way, they do have a number of Christmas Classics (and other more typical Karaoke songs).
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Sally Loo's hours: 6:30a to 6:30p Tues. through Sun.
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I should be in for a meetup. I'm a big fan of Spike's beer selection and I think Creekside is a nice place to kick back.

I'm aware of the Merrimaker because of my affinity for Noi's food, and while I'm reticent, I'm sure fun will be had.

Really, whatever ends up being decided on sounds good to me.
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Ya, should be mentioned Sally Loo's is good for coffee & noshes, but no wine/beer. (I for one, as a nerdy, introverted keyboard jockey, appreciate a refreshing social lubricant in meatspace).

Pretty much your call, filthy light theif. You could tell us to meet you in the drainage ditch by the ag fields in Cal Poly with a case of PBR and we'd be there ... your last few posts have been just that good!

Also, just put june gigs on my profile. Again, does not disqualify you from real meetup to attend!
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theif --> thief. GAH! edit window!
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OK: I'm being decisive. July 4th, let's do it. I'll call for a rambling day of activities, unless there can be consensus on a time of day.

Tentative plan: hang out at Sally Loo's from 2pm until later, transition to the Madonna Inn, for a meal in the land of Gaudiness, and gaze upon the men's bathroom, if you haven't seen it. We could do more touristy stuff (Bubblegum Alley comes to mind) if you haven't been around SLO much before. After dinner, head over to Los Osos to watch fireworks and have a nightcap at The Merrimaker. It's not a karaoke night, so we could push this back a day and 1) avoid the 4th crowds around SLO, and 2) enjoy singing and drinking.
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Sounds great but I need transportation. Anyone picking me up from "Hillcrest Ranch" off 101 'tween SLO and Pismo (probably best if you're coming up from Five Cities) will get my Designated Driver service on the way back as far as my drop-off point.
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Hmmm ... i phoned the cafe & asked if they'd be open the fourth & the answer was 'No, I think ...'
I'll try to swing by in the next couple of days and see if there's more definative answer.
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Perhaps we should schedule for the Saturday 3rd? Then if people want to do karaoke in Los Osos, that's an option, or we can meet during the day and hang out in a cafe or park. Or is another weekend better for folks?
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well, maybe move it to saturday 7/10 or 7/24 at this point, to give folk more time to plan a drive? i know we'll miss lekvar, but i read that answer as being free on friday or monday (i could be wrong). sat. the 17 is an option too, of course, but i've got family coming so i'd have to be excused.
posted by Rube R. Nekker at 6:32 PM on July 1, 2010

Since the 10th is upon us, what of the 24th?
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well, since we seem to be the only two lingering at this point, and thus should really be talking about food/recipies or doing anagrams, i say let's go for it!!!

sidebar? irl post?
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I'm still paying attention to the thread every couple of days. Getting it sidebarred or sending out a second wave of messages saying "hey, it's going down, here's the time/place!" might help attendance.
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Let's do it: July 24th, 3pm at Sally Loo's Cafe.

Reasoning: 24th was already OK'd by 2 or 3 of us in the thread; 3pm, so anyone from the SB-ish area can get to SLO after a casual noon lunch in SB or there-abouts. And Sally Loo's Cafe has plenty of free parking, and is pretty easy to get there (take the Osos Street exit from the 101 and keep on Osos to the train station area).

If I get a second on this motion, it'll be set.
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That's it, I've made it official. If I don't see people marking Yes or No on MeFiIRL by the end of Sunday or throwing in a comment, I'll MeMail folks.
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And doubly official with the date posted on the MeTa sidebar.
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Have fun....
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So, I'm going up to Sacramento and may be coming back down on Saturday. Or not. Not sure. Anywho, there's a chance contraption and I will stop in. I hope it magically works out that way!
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In my recent housecleaning efforts, I uncovered a secret stash of MeFi buttons and "My MetaFilter Name Is..." badges made for the VERY 1ST L.A. meetup in 2004 (which I helped organize). These are collectors items and the only way to get one of each is to show up! (Or give me a ride for two of each.)
posted by oneswellfoop at 5:15 PM on July 22, 2010

I SHALL CLAIM 3. Maybe 4 if my MeFite-nameless wife gets (an additional) one. WOOT.
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Pictures, 'cause it did happen.
posted by filthy light thief at 7:24 PM on July 25, 2010

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