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Is there enough meat to the Bros Icing Bros meme to make it a FPP? Even if it turns out to be some crypto-viral marketting campaign by Smirnoff, it's an interesting social phenomenon IMO.

In brief: Bros Icing Bros is an activity that's gained traction among the fraternity-boy set, that involves hiding a Smirnoff Ice for someone to find, which forces them to chug it on one knee in front of you. Snirnoff denies culpability, but I have my suspicions.

I know that this is a grey area for FPPs, and risks being metafilter blue. Still I've read a few good articles about it, and I think there's room for discussion.
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MetaTalk is not really the place for FPP discussions. Get together with some of your friends and talk about it, or try a post and see if it works or not.
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