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Anyone wanna go see Serenity in PDX tomorrow night?

It's late - as in, the movie is tomorrow at 8 pm (well, 9, really), there's a meetup already planned so I ought to have done this prior to 5 pm on a Friday afternoon - but, is anyone interested in going to the PDX Serenity showing tomorrow? Because I plan on being there and would enjoy meeting some like-minded MeFi-ers...

Anyway, give a holler if you're interested!
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This seems like a perfect post for the new IRL subsite!
posted by emyd at 5:26 PM on June 25, 2010

Ooops, I thought I was supposed to make the plans here and post the meetup there! Will fix at home.
posted by oreonax at 5:30 PM on June 25, 2010

No, I think meetups are for now still intended to be proposed on Meta, and if it sounds like the meetup is actually going to happen, then it moves to IRL.

There's that other PDX meetup going on Saturday at Enchanted Forest, but if we're not exhausted from a day in the sun at a crazy amusement park (or if we haven't already settled in to some post-meetup drinking), it's a possibility. I have been meaning to go to one of these Serenity showings sometime- I consider myself a fan, but I think I've only seen the movie once or twice.
posted by Secretariat at 5:36 PM on June 25, 2010

This sounds pretty sweet. I might show up, depending on what happens after Enchanted Forest.
posted by maqsarian at 10:41 PM on June 25, 2010

Yea, I kinda figured the previous meetup would mean that everybody'd be too tired to sit through a movie, but it was worth a shot. I'll be there, at any rate - if I knew what I were wearing, I'd tell ya... (all I know is that it won't be a costume since I don't have one.)
posted by oreonax at 9:21 AM on June 26, 2010

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