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It's Metafilter's 11th anniversary season, and also the month marking the first anniversary of the great MeFi enspousenation!

Happy year one together MeSpouses, I love you just as much now as - if not more than - the day I entered 'I do'.
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It's a double, snugglywookums, but I'll spouse you, anyway.
posted by Devils Rancher at 6:23 AM on June 26, 2010

Cheers DR! Clearly I don't deserve any spouses at all, so lame is my myopic tardiness. Mods, please close this thread and I shall spent the next twelve months improving my MeMarriage Mindfulness™ technique.
posted by freya_lamb at 6:43 AM on June 26, 2010

so lame is my myopic tardiness

wow, you get my mixed metaphor award for the week.
posted by UbuRoivas at 6:56 AM on June 26, 2010 [2 favorites]

Dang, I missed out on that day!
posted by theredpen at 7:01 AM on June 26, 2010

in b4 delete
posted by Eideteker at 7:23 AM on June 26, 2010

My spouses left me. *sniff*
posted by Metroid Baby at 7:34 AM on June 26, 2010

Hmpf. No flowers.
posted by St. Alia of the Bunnies at 7:39 AM on June 26, 2010

'spent'? Misplaced enthusiasm is proving to be my downfall in oh, so many ways. Metroid Baby, if you'll take a late-coming, non-proofreading, love-sick fool, I'll spouse you right now.
posted by freya_lamb at 7:45 AM on June 26, 2010

Why isn't "spice" the plural of "spouse"? If you have more than one you have a variety of partners to choose from at any time, and variety is I'll stop now.
posted by yhbc at 7:50 AM on June 26, 2010 [1 favorite]

Too much love!
posted by cortex (staff) at 8:32 AM on June 26, 2010 [3 favorites]

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