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I'm visiting Austin for the first time the weekend of July 9th, any chance of a meetup on 7/10?

I'm going to Austin for a wedding on Sunday, 7/10 - flying in late Friday night, leaving Monday morning. On Saturday, I'm supposed to be having lunch at the Salt Lick (going with a co-worker & her husband - we're staying at the same hotel near the airport, so, I'm tagging along in their rental car) but I have no idea what I'm doing with the rest of the day or evening.

Would anyone like to hang out in the afternoon or evening? Or, any suggestions on what I should do on Saturday in the vicinity of the Salt Lick? I haven't gotten around to seeing Toy Story 3 yet, is that playing anywhere nearby?
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SALT LICK! (God, I miss the Salt Lick.)
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Salt Lick is kinda way out in the middle of nowhere. The only attraction near it that I can think of is Barsana Dham, which has a nice garden to walk around and (in the spring) peaches. And the airport isn't in the neighborhood of much except for strip joints and mobile-home lots.

Which is to say, if you can get yourself into central Austin, I am totally up for a meetup. Be a good chance to try out MeFIRL, too.
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You should see Toy Story at the Alamo Drafthouse.
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There's no Toy Story showtimes listed at the Drafthouse for 7/11, looks like they're doing something World Cup related instead.

If there's nothing fun by the Salt Lick, I'm fine with relocating to central Austin. I will probably be tired out from the flight and the heat and the post-BBQ food coma, so, I'm just hoping for a meetup that has a comfy chair for me to collapse in for a bit.
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If we're not in Houston for the Feo y Loco show, we'd be up for something. But there's nothing out at the Salt Lick but the Salt Lick.
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If you have to go to the Salt Lick, how about the one in Round Rock next to the Dell Diamond? The Express are playing a home game that night.
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No offense, allthegoodnamesweretaken, but 1) Round Rock<>
OP, the Salt Lick is pretty far out there, so it's good that you're willing to come into town for a meetup.

There's no Toy Story showtimes listed at the Drafthouse for 7/11, looks like they're doing something World Cup related instead.
If anyone is dying to see Toy Story 3 at the Drafthouse, it is very likely that it will be showing at the Village location up Northish, or even at South Lamar, because they don't put their regular movie showtimes up that far in advance most of the time, which is why the calendar is only showing the World Cup stuff at the moment.
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allthegoodnamesweretaken - I'm just tagging along with my co-worker for the Salt Lick lunch, so, that part of the day isn't really up to me. Ishotjr - I may go see Toy Story 3 myself tomorrow (I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but now I'm falling behind a podcast), so, it's not an absolute must for the meetup, I was just spitballing.

Is there a good 'Austin for dummies/tourists' primer on the web that I should look at in preparation for my visit? I don't really know anything about the city other than it's where the SXSW music festival is held, and I'm assuming that weather-wise it will be hot & humid outdoors and over-air-conditioned indoors.
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If you want to go to the Salt Lick, go to the original—it's got the ambience (which is >50% the reason for going) and it's a pretty straight shot from where you'll be staying at the Airport. Get on Highway 71 west, when it splits with US290, take the 290 side, and then take a left at Camp Ben McCullough Rd. To get up to Round Rock is farther and involves travel on I-35, which is unpleasant.

For things to do, check this out.
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I would be up for a meetup, being as I missed the last one.

As said, the Saltlick is in the middle of nowhere. And if you want beer you've got to bring it as it's in a dry county, but they'll kindly provide you with a bucket of ice and a bottle opener.

It'll be hot for sure, but the best things to do in Austin during the summer are heat-coping strategies anyhow. Spicy food, margaritas, sitting in front of those misting-fan-thingies, taking a dip at Barton Springs Pool (Or Hippie Hollow), not moving a whole lot between the hours of 12 and 3, and shows at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Two of the most frequently written about restaurants in tourist guides are Guero's and Matt's El Rancho. They are both terrible. Guero's only redemption is its margaritas, and a nice patio on South Congress, thats it. They serve the kind of Tex-Mex that made me think I hated Tex-mex before I moved to Texas: Velveta suffocated bland beef.

Try Habanero's Cafe for breakfast or Torchies Tacos, if you're not totally stuffed after the Saltlick. You mentioned you'd be getting in late on Friday. If you're hungry check out Magnolia Cafe and get a Mag Mud Queso. They're open 24 hours.
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Well, I'll be having dinner at the Iron Cactus (downtown, 6th street, I'm told) on Saturday so, if you're in the neighborhood feel free to join. I'll post again when I know the timeframe.
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Nevermind, just left the Salt Lick now to go back to the hotel, no idea when/if we will be heading to downtown tonight.
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