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In Times Square soon. Want to meet?

I'll be in NYC, staying at the Marriott Marquis Times Square from Sunday, July 18 until Tuesday, July 20. I'll have Sunday and Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoon free. If anyone's available and wants to meet nearby, I'd love to say "Hi!"

I don't know the area and have never been to NYC before.
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Awesome. There's always the Bull-moose Saloon, on 44th I think, and it's a decent place. Monday or Tuesday are the best for me, at least, but we should have five meetups in a row anyway.
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I'll be back in town on Monday and would be happy to hang out.
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It looks like Monday evening is looking good for folks. I believe I'm expected to be with my colleagues and clients until 7pm. I'll ditch my coworkers for you guys.

Now, we just need to identify a spot. Do we go with fuq's Bull-moose Saloon suggestion or another location?
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I've only been to bull-moose a couple of times, and it didn't seem too douchy, collegiate, or divey, at least when I went. They have food too. There's not (ever) enough space at Jimmy's, but it's the best bar in Manhattan and it's right off Times Square and has four dollar beers and a jazz jukebox. Unfortunately, there's barely enough room inside for a bartender. I don't really know of anything else in the neighborhood.
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Well, I guess there are other neighborhoods that are easily assessable by subway or taxi.
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I always enjoy The Russian Vodka Room (not to be confused with Russian Samovar, which is directly across the street).
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Jimmy's is the greatest bar in the city and a secret that must kept at all costs! (It's too small for a meetup even though they have a few small tables in the back.)
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Bar Nine is spacious and dark but no food. Druids on 9th used to be the Westies bar where they kept dismembered patron's heads (and other parts) on the bar, but is now quite refined and has food and an interesting stage crowd. (I once met a great geezer in there who used to go bar hopping in Brooklyn with Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote.)
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Huh. Yr right. Sorry about that.
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Bar Nine has food but the last time I was there it was really really loud. That was 8+ months ago, though.

I'm for wherever, but I'm tentative because I might be working.
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I work in Times Square!
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This is relevant to my interests.
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I just got the green light from the boss to go to New York those same days (maybe for the same conference?), so I'm in - yay!
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I work in Times Square!

I did! for a whole two months! I worked selling magic toys in Toys 'R' Us and it was too horrible to deal with. It's like sitting too close to a computer screen everywhere you look.
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I've heard the following places mentioned above:
Bull-Moose Salloon
Bar Nine
The Russian Vodka Room
It seems like Bar Nine and Jimmy's were eliminated because they were too loud and too small, respectively.

That' leaves us with the Bull-Moose, Druids and The Russian Vodka Room. All are definitely in walking distance for me. So, thank you for that.

The Bull-Moose reviews indicate that its upper level is better if you want to converse and the menu seems centered around burgers. Looks like the least expensive of the places.

Druids has a more robust menu and looks a bit nicer and a bit pricier. It also has seating in the back garden which may be nice if the evening isn't too muggy.

The Russian Vodka Room has quite the menu and seems like the most expensive of the three options.

So, I'm leaning towards Druids though I'm intrigued by the menu at the Russian Vodka Room.

What about you all?
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Cheap is good. Cheap means they don't usually mind us getting rowdy.
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Ok. Bull Moose it is. Let's go to the upstairs room at 8pm on Monday, July 19. I'll add it to the IRL page.

See you there!
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Here's the IRL post.
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Oh wow, that would have been my dad's 56th birthday. How time flies.

What better way to celebrate?
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Just in case anyone peeks back in here, we're not meeting at the Bull Moose due to recent drama there that aloysius brought to our attention. We're moving to Druids.

Druids Bar & Restaurant
736 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10019-7006
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