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san diego (comic-con) meetup!

in this thread from last month, several people seemed excited by the idea of a meetup during san diego comic-con. because I am a serial meetup misser, I thought I'd organize this one. I'm thinking Thursday (the 22nd) or Sunday (the 25th) since there's less going on. it'd depend on when out-of-towners arrive or leave. we could meet up at one of the con events, but I can picture myself wandering lost in a swarm of overzealous storm troopers slave leias. (it's happened to me before.) downtown is probably too chaotic to get to for san diegans not attending the con anyway, so maybe somewhere trolley accessible, like Little Italy or Old Town?

bonus points for costumes!!
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(make that storm troopers AND slave leias, although there were probably some storm leias and slave troopers in the mix as well)
posted by changeling at 9:36 AM on July 8, 2010

Maybe someone could pick me up a T-Shirt from the 2000ad booth. Bonus points for saying "That Arthur Wyatt is a fine up and coming writer, you should use him more."
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I'm trying to arrange last-minute hotel and pass arrangements (it worked last year, which tricked me into thinking it was easy). But I'd certainly hit a meetup if one goes down.
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I might be shell-shocked and vestigial but I'lll be in for the Con.
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Thursday night is also w00tstock-- featuring MeFi's own asavage, among others-- which is going to be a pretty big draw.

I generally leave Sunday afternoon, but could make an exception for an afternoon meetup. (Not evening; I have to work Monday.)
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I won't be there, but I made the video for one of the Eisner retail nominees.

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Hi Everybody! I was the one who wrote the first thread that apparently sparked this one. Yay! Anyways - Please, for the love of all the holy, please meet close to the convention center. I'd LOVE to meet all of you. Hell, I'd love to walk around with some of you! But unfortunately, I am actually going to Comic-Con via a professional pass so I DO have to spend some time actually "working." I know, I know.

Anyone going to Preview night. I would love to company. My travel companions are not even close to being as excited as I am about all of this so they're not interested and the boy is stuck working (stupid giant software company in Seattle that he works for.)

So yeah, that's my two cents. I'm currently drooling over the Thursday schedule. I'm already said that there's a conflict between the Diva comic book heroine panel and Tron Legacy.
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so maybe somewhere trolley accessible, like Little Italy or Old Town?

In my experience, both those areas are still nuts during the con. I know because I'm usually out celebrating my birthday the weekend of the convention and trying to go to a restaurant is always a major pain in the ass.
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So peeps, what's the verdict? We're almost 7 days away. Is anyone going to be at Preview Night that wants to run around with a stranger? I have my eye on the Nibbler plushie from Futurama....
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It looks like I'm showing up Saturday morning and leaving Sunday afternoon. I'd try and make any meetup within those perimeters.

Failing one coming together, can I suggest we use this thread to throw together ad hoc gatherings?
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Anything I go to is gonna be kinda Ad Hoc.
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I still want to meet. it seems like people might prefer early afternoon on Sunday? I have a "teen angst" panel to attend (no I'm not kidding) from 12 to 1, but after that I can meet anyplace, anytime. or before that. or almost any other time. hopefully we can approximate a time/place & sidebar this so it gets more eyes.

in other news, look who's picketing comic-con on thursday!
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in other news, look who's picketing comic-con on thursday!

my joy cannot be contained in mere words.
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@ The Welk - I think I'm going to be sick...I went to a funeral that he protested at.

I'm totally down for whatever, just let me know what you all decide. Maybe we should do some kind of list serve. I tend to get actual email faster than checking MeFi.
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I'm imagining the entire hateful clan getting a severe talking to by the Justice League.
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Huh looks I'm free Wednesday Night baring other obligations.
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Is that all you'll be baring Wednesday night?
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or a soul of equal or lesser value.
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Is anyone planning on standing in line to try and get into Tron? Maybe we can stand together? My group will be busy for that part of the day so I'll be all by my self. :-(
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I'M HERE RIGHT NOW PEOPLE, On Pacific Highway - surprisingly cold. Hit me up.
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meetup fail.

I'm heading to the con in an hour. It appears I will be part of a Slave Leia's entourage once again. if you see a girl with emo boy hair holding a bunch of crap a few paces behind a tatted-up Slave Leia, that's me.
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I'm sure there's plenty of people there who'd pay hot dollars to trade places with you, changeling.

PONY REQUEST: someone get a picture with the dude (?) in the Bender costume* holding a Meef-referential sign

* or the real Bender
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So have you agreed on who is getting my T-Shirt then?
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Gonnga go go Drinking at the Hyatt Bar in like ten. I'll be wearing a brown suit jacket and bright red sneakers, if you see me, you can totally talk to me.
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