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Las Vegas (RollerCon) meetup? Hey, it's worth a shot! July 28, 2010 through August 01, 2010.

I'll be there the whole time, as it stands now, and free evenings to avoid or perhaps redeem The Vegas Experience. Any mefite company for me? If not, I'll have to satisfy my loneliness in the sea of brash women in fishnets and rollerskates. Perish the thought.
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One of the Sin City Roller Girls is my best friend from law school! So if you want to know one of the locals, I'll happily put you in touch. But I wont be there to associate with fishnets and rollerskates until December, sorry!
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Thanks, greekphilosophy! I'll be going with some girls from my league so I'm not all on my own, and derby girls are a pretty welcoming crew. But pm me her name and I'll say hello if I see her!
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I may go--I shoot a lot of derby for my local league (Go Boston Massacre!), and I've always wanted to go to some of the national derby events (just missed the ECE). The Massacre will be bouting in Chicago then, though, so I may try to their game instead.

Maybe see you at the WFTDA nationals?
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dam1975: if you come to Chicago, swing by the officiating table and say hi. I'm with the Rollers.
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(Also: CHAMPIONSHIP! It's the WFTDA CHAMPIONSHIP! Spread the word!)
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Grrrr. Arrgh! I am a retired BAD Girl, and will be in Vegas the 22nd thru the 28th. Stupid timing.
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I can't go out to Vegas, but is anyone planning on going to Eastern Regionals in September?
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I'm skipping RollerCon this year, but isn't it usually the same time as DEFCON? There might be more MeFis attending that anyway...

I will be at the North Central playoffs in Green Bay in September and the WFTDA Championships in Chicago in November, and would love to have a mini-meetup during either of those tournaments.

(Hüsker Stü, Twin Cities Terrors)
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There will almost definitely be a Chicago meetup on November 3rd, as we meet the first Wednesday of every month.
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