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How would I go about finding the most popular music posts?

I've had the MetaFilter CD since the meetup at Ground Kontrol, and I really like it. So I thought I'd look for the songs that have been posted to music that the most members enjoyed. Well, I can find the most popular music posts of the last seven days, and I can find the most popular posts on the whole site for the last 24 hours, 7 says, 30 days, and all time. Is there a way to pull up a list of the most favorited songs posted to music of all time? I looked in the FAQ and on the wiki, but I'm not particularly good with negotiating these things and I don't know how to do the nifty infodumping and things of that nature.
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The infodumpster by Combustible Edison Lighthouse will do this. Just change the site to music at the top, and then click ? button beside "which posts by ______ tagged with _____ have the most favorites".
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Ok, well, we're done here.

Thanks awfully, FishBike!
posted by Nabubrush at 3:30 PM on July 17, 2010

Start with "Punch 'Em In the Dick" and go from there.
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Holy crap that Infodumpster is AWESOME!
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Hey, whichever one of you awesomes fixed the title, thanks! I sort of thought once it'd been posted I had to live with it.

I did kind of wonder how many people would help me with the meatfilter, though.
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Holy crap that Infodumpster is AWESOME!

Isn't it though? Thanks to it, and this thread, I have actually now listened to this "Punch 'Em In the Dick" song that I keep seeing mentioned. It wasn't what I expected at all.

It was sort of like the musical equivalent of that point in the movie District 9 where the insanely powerful weapons make their appearance and it goes from fake documentary to everything just getting blown the hell up. Awesome!
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Indeed! And that reminds me of how I can't wait for the next District 9, too. Btw, you should watch that movie with director's commentary on, if you haven't already. It's just him, sitting there, alone in a room, rambling on about this movie he just made. And he has NO IDEA that he's about to go big. Really great stuff. (but not as cool as Infodumpster, sorry D9 dude)
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The Charts page has a lot of best-of info, which works well if you have some contacts (because it tracks their favorites as well).
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Ok, well, we're done here.

Or maybe not. Is there some reason why your humble servant, *ahem*, flapjax at midnite doesn't show up (331 posts to Mefi blue, but no inclusion on that list) in that Infodumpster? Also, um... Music? 112 posts there, but... no flapjax at midnite. No mention whatsoever! Helloooo? All due respect to Combustible Edison Lighthouse, and forgive me if there's something I'm doing wrong (maybe I'm not clicking right?), but, uh... what's up with that, friend? What, you don't like me?

can't remember doing anything to offend you, but, you never know...
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:28 AM on July 18, 2010

There's no activity for your user ID in the Infodump, flapjax at midnite, and a post you made (according to your profile) is showing up with a fictitious user id instead. Did you by any chance ask cortex to munge your user ID in the Infodump? Because that's what it looks like to me.
posted by FishBike at 7:35 AM on July 18, 2010

Um... I don't even know what "munge" means, so... no, I never asked cortex to do that.

Not while sober, anyway.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:39 AM on July 18, 2010

Ha! Well, upon a little further exploration, like, inputting my user name into the questions, it would appear that I do not exist at Metafilter.

I'm wondering now if it's all been just a long, blue dream...
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:48 AM on July 18, 2010

I don't even know what "munge" means [...]

Well, a few people aren't too happy about their activity appearing in the Infodump, where it's easy to analyze an report on. Which is a perfectly valid point of view, I would say. So, cortex added some code to the Infodump generation process that would, on request, replace every occurrence of a person's user number with a fictitious user number instead. Except in the user names table itself, of course.

So the idea is that we can still run high-level summary type statistics that include all user activity, but any query or report that outputs user names won't include those people who've made this request, because there's no link back to their user name via that fictitious user number. At least, not by accident. With some effort it can be gotten around, but I think we've quietly decided to just shoot anybody who does that.

Anyway, so the thing is, it appears this user number replacement process as been applied to your user number when the Infodump is generated. So tools like the Infodumpster can't produce any stats or reports that list your name. It's working as designed, so to speak, other than the apparently accidental inclusion of your user number on the list of those to be obfuscated.

I suspect if you contact cortex about it, he can fix it for next week's Infodump.
posted by FishBike at 7:49 AM on July 18, 2010

OK, will do! Thanks, FishBike.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:50 AM on July 18, 2010

I know you exist, flapjax!
posted by Nabubrush at 8:06 AM on July 18, 2010

I don't just exist, Nabubrush! I live! Every moment! To the fullest! To the limit!

well... ok, truth be told... I just exist.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 8:16 AM on July 18, 2010

And you know, FishBike, now I'm getting a vague recollection of using the word "munge" before, in some back and forth with cortex, so, maybe I brought this all on myself. I've always been my own worst enemy, anyway.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 8:19 AM on July 18, 2010

Um... I don't even know what "munge" means, so... no, I never asked cortex to do that.

Not while sober, anyway.

Heh. I went and reviewed my email, couldn't find anything, felt awful that I might have misread someone's name and munged the wrong person, and then finally thought to check the thread where the feature launched, and, well, it's possible you were not sober. I remember being a little surprised at the time but the one-two punch in the comments seemed too deliberate to be a misfired joke and I didn't want to be trying to Talk People Down From Munging or whatever so I just fired and forgot about it.

I'll happily take you off the munge list if you'd like. We regen the Infodump early early Saturday morning usually, so tools like the Infodumpster may have already done their weekly grab at this point, but you'll be back in the land of the living come a week from now.
posted by cortex (staff) at 9:30 AM on July 18, 2010

You found it cortex! And there it is, for all to see! I blame-a mahself!

And i do believe soberness had nothing to do with that comment. So, yes, unmunge me! Mille grazie!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:19 PM on July 18, 2010

It's like you were never munged, sir. Or will be in a week.
posted by cortex (staff) at 5:32 PM on July 18, 2010

I'm kind of proud of my little MeTa now.

It's a lot better than some I've seen.
posted by Nabubrush at 10:25 PM on July 18, 2010

I just don't know how I can keep living my life knowing that these are the last days of flapjax's munging.
posted by SpiffyRob at 6:34 AM on July 19, 2010

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