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I'm going to be in San Francisco on family vacation from August 3rd to August 10th. Any suggestions on what I should do there? Anyone want to meet up for a meetup?

Advice: I want to do something foody or beery, as I consider myself a homebrew nerd and a foodie. I'm more familiar with East Coast beers, so all I know of your West Coast breweries is Sierra Nevada, Stone and Rogue. Set me straight on your craft beers!

I've already been to Frijtz, so don't worry about me suggesting it.

Anyway, I'm planning on doing this as a pleasant excursion from the family vacation, not in place of the family vacation. So don't call me anti-family for not wanting to spend every second with my neo-conservative birther grandparents!
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If you are into food and craft beer, you might like Monk's Kettle in the Mission. They are doing a special event with Dogfish Head Brewery on August 4th, but no matter when you go their beer list is always impressive. Also, the fries with curry ketchup are delicious!
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I haven't been there yet, but I keep meaning to get there, but the City Beer Store has a tasting room (with snacks!) where they pour tastes of local and not-local beers.

Rosamunde's new place on Mission (at 24th street - fall out of BART and into Rosamunde's, practically) has lots of different local and non-local beers. Toronado in the Lower Haight, likewise.

The Sycamore is new, and I haven't been there yet, but it has good buzz and a good beer list.

Rosamunde is REALLY LOUD for a meetup. Toronado's kind of small for one (plus, they might kill us for invading).

I will have more thoughts when I've had more caffeine, I'm sure.
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If you have a chance to get over to the East Bay, go to Berkeley Bowl and be amazed. It's an absolutely incredible food shop. Plus, of course, the Gourmet Ghetto, also in Berkeley.
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I've been to the City Beer Store! I enjoyed sampling some tasty brews and the people were super nice -- but I'm not sure it's a good place to hang out with more than one or two other people. As the name suggests, it's partly a store/retail space and there weren't many places to sit. Cool space though - and if you're out and about it's worth a stop, especially if you want to pick up something to go.
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Any beer place sounds awesome to me. City Beer Store sounds like a good place to check out on my own.
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> I've already been to Frijtz, so don't worry about me suggesting it.

Well, there go any plans of a meetup.

Seriously, we're due for a meetup. We could meet at one of the local brew pubs. We've done 21st Amendment, which wasn't a bad place for a meetup. Thirsty Bear? Jupiter (East Bay!)? Magnolia? Beach Chalet (great view)?

Or back to the Edinburgh Castle and their beer list.

Saturday August 7th?
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Yeah, City Beer Store only has 4 or 5 taps, and is a very small space... the size of a living room. I go there often, but it's more a great local beer store than a visitor's destination.

Toronado is the best beer bar in the city, for sure. They've got over 30 taps of very good selections, and probably a hundred more in bottles, but it's crowded. Not good for a meet-up, but definitely worth going to.

Magnolia is right up the street, and is great for food and beer. It's probably my favorite brewery in the city. Better, but still not great for larger groups.

Beach Chalet is cool and right on the beach, but their beer isn't that great. Not bad, just not very interesting. Good for a family outing.

Nothing wrong with Monk's Kettle , but La Trappe is even better, for Belgian beer and food. Expensive, but worth it.

I'm going to be out of town that weekend, but I'm a homebrewer too, and I've been to just about every brewery in the city. If you find yourself wanting to do some beer touring during the weekday evenings, or just recommendations, hit me up. If you find yourself in the East Bay, there's even more to explore.
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I dunno if music is your thing, but if you like vinyl then you must visit Ameoba records. I'm sure they have a special Lady Gaga box set waiting for you there.
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Jupiter (East Bay!)?

I'll go anywhere, but Jupiter was certainly a hit earlier this year.
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I'd also be happy to go somewhere (Jupiter?) in the East Bay, since I happen to live over there. But really, as long as there is food and drink and good company, I'm perfectly content. Just let me know!
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Not sure how my week will be, but the 7th sounds as good as any day.

I love record stores. I was a college radio DJ trainee (too lazy to get certified), so I'm into indie music and stuff that gets less distribution. I'm just also shamelessly into pop music, either ironically or sincerely, depending on the artist.
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21st Amendment has nice beer, & Zeitgeist could be good, depending on the weather.
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Well, I'm planning on going to Alcatraz on the Friday, but the 7th is still plenty open. I feel bad picking a place when I don't know any of them firsthand.
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Would you rather go to a local brewpub and sample their beers, or would you rather go to a bar and select from a broader collection of Northern California's finest?

If you want a brewpub, Jupiter and 21st Amendment both have reasonable beers and are proven meetup spots. Jupiter does have beers other than their own.

The best NorCal beers mostly aren't brewed here in SF, and if that's what you want I would suggest the Edinburgh Castle, also host of many meetups, and a friendlier venue than Toronado, say.

A wildcard would be trying to hit the Speakeasy happy hour on Friday the 6th. Harder to get to, but better beer than the other breweries in town.

You should try to fit in a tour of Anchor Steam while you're here.
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Well, the brewpubs sound good. Based on a quick look over their websites, I think Jupiter looks a bit more interesting to me.
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Ok, so Jupiter, August 7th. Now all we need is a time to make this an irl meetup!
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Well, tentatively I think 6 PM would be good, if I need to volunteer anything.
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Earlier is fine, too, if folks want to gather at Jupiter in the afternoon.
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Sure, earlier works. 4 or 5 maybe?
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Okay, Jupiter at 4PM on Saturday, the 7th of August.
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And it's on IRL. And the sidebar.
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Damn, the 7th is three days before I move to Oakland. I'll see you guys next meetup?
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An east bay meetup? Is is April 1st already?
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You all suck.

See you next time
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Count Team MostlyBeans in.
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I want a mostlybeans team jersey.
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Well crap, the baby shower is on saturday...I won't be able to make it :(
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I also want a mostlybeans team jersey. Surely, someone should get on that.
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Bang On! in the Haight can fulfill all your team mostlybeans jersey needs.

/former rollergirl who has way to many shirts with my name on the back
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Well crap, the baby shower is on saturday...I won't be able to make it :(

Dude! Just bring the baby shower to Jupiter! How could that not be awesome? Think of the presents:

- Um, here's a coaster!

- Hey, I made you a bracelet from a torn-up napkin!

- Here's a pizza crust - very useful for when the kid's teething!

What's not to love?

(We'll miss you, and drink a number of beers in your honor.)
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I am also in favor of a mostlybeans jersey, btw.
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babybot, babbybot and iamabotjr are still available on Mefi.

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Dang it, I keep forgetting to check for these until the day after...
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