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Shouldn't this post on ASL songs be a comment in this open thread on ASL songs?

I don't mean to call it out as a bad post; in fact, I quite like it, and the comments in it made me re-watch the Coulton clips I found when I was exploring YouTube after the first thread. But if it were a news story I suspect it would be deleted as UpdateFilter. I'm just curious as to whether there's a rule about posts that cover the same ideas but aren't exactly doubles.
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I'm coming down on the side of when it becomes a problem....

This is the third ASL post I've ever seen on the site.

I don't think we're in danger of being overrun any time soon.
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When it's "same sort of thing" rather than "same link" the metric's a bit fuzzier; especially where it's not newsfiltery, not contentious, and not something that's been done a lot either lately or long-term, deletion is a bit less likely.

There's no real hard-and-fast rule we can lay out, it's pretty much always going to be case-by-case, but certainly stuff like this is less likely to present a problem than literal doubles or other stuff that falls into that list above.
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Oh snap...when I checked out the ASL tag earlier, I didn't realize an ASL music video post had been made by the venerable jessamyn. Query withdrawn!
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No rules 'round these parts, 'cept fer none-a that onanistic (onantastic?) linking. Jes' a buncher metrics and guidelines and convoluted community norms that, mind you, are nowheres collected an collated for easy referrin'.
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That would take all the challenge out of it, carsonb. You might as well use Game Genie and a controller with turbo buttons while you're at it.
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I missed those other two threads, thanks for the links :)
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I always just Gordian-knotted the fuck out of any video game that gave me trouble—with a hammer.
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> I didn't realize an ASL music video post had been made by the venerable jessamyn.

No, no, jessamyn is a librarian and quite young. You're thinking of the Venerable Bede.
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You might as well use Game Genie and a controller with turbo buttons

1988 is going to be a great year!
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Oh, hey, jessamyn's a fan of zephyreros, too! Hooray! He's fantastic--but as I mention in the other thread, he says he's Deaf of Deaf, not a CODA.
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Not meaning to reflect on this particular post, but if Jessamyn doesn't get a post deleted every now and then, she isn't trying hard enough. Just like the rest of us.
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jessamyn has unparalleled access to an excellent post-vetting squad.
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The second thread was worth it for the comment fable by Ian A. T. (of post-apocalyptic MeFi fame).
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There are three Star Wars threads on the front page right now!
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Wow, that's the same as the number of Star Wars films ever made.
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Right now, today, there is an open thread discussing the phenomenon.

Jess, not to stir the pot, but I want to revisit this MetaTalk thread in light of what's happening here. In both cases, a post about a phenomenon (one about to go viral, one pretty much established) was submitted within a few days of another post about the same phenomenon. In one case, the second post stood (and we had some fun in a MetaTalk thread about it); in this case, the second post was deleted (and some tempers started to simmer in MetaTalk).

What's the difference between the two sets of posts? Again, I like you mods and understand that the lines are fuzzy here, but am curious. Was it that cortex was on the clock when the second ASL post popped up and you were around when the second 8x slowdown post popped up?
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Please see our comments in that other thread. Making basically the same comment in two different threads at the same time is kind of odd; we're not going to have the same discussion in two places at once. It'd be fine to make a link to that thread from this one as a reference for posterity or something, but maybe skip the copy/paste thing next time?
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