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It is almost August 16. If you've ever read On the Road, or read it for our MeFi Book Club, which is still tracking the Open Yale course on the American Novel since 1945, then please check in for this next, August 16 discussion, which occurs on Meta Chat. Please also take a look at the two Professor Amy Hungerford lectures on this book.

I must admit the Hungerford lectures really helped me appreciate this book, once I'd struggled through it.
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I can't find my copy, and I don 't remember it well enough to make much of a contribution to a good discussion, but I'm definitely stopping by to see what people have to say about it, because Professor Hungerford's got me seeing it as the Great American Vampire Novel.
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Wow, I totally missed this whole book club thing. I haven't read On the Road, but I absolutely love Lost in the Funhouse, so I think I'm going to stick around for that. Where does the Book Club, er, meet?
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Fuck. I must've misremembered the initial post about this month's book, because I read The Road instead.
Oh well.
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The Road is a good book, 8dot3. Come talk in the thread about it -- it is certainly a different take on the theme of traveling on a road than Kerouac's. And Pastabagel, please sign up for Meta Chat (metachat.org) if you haven't already, as that is where the Book Club threads go up. I do the organizational stuff here in Meta Talk, but the actual discussions are in MetaChat.
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And for those of you who voted for On the Road -- listed below -- but didn't sign up for MetaChat until today, no worries, we'll still be talking tomorrow.

Voters for On the Road were:

IriG rorriM
roll truck roll
lilac girl
nestor makhno
Infinite Jest
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Dunno if this is appropriate to add here, but since I just learned about this book club thing today, I posted a new comment to the MetaChat page for the "Lolita" discussion today. I know I'm way too late, but I wanted to chime in a bit since I twice took classes in college from the editor of the annotated edition of "Lolita," Alfred Appel, Jr.
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Thanks Dnash!! If you've read On the Road, do join the current MeCha thread, and if not, please join on for the next book. In about 2 weeks we'll do a vote on whether we are still tracking the syllabus book by book or jumping ahead to a different one. The vote will be here on MetaTalk, so just give us your preference then.
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MeCha thread now sidebarred in Mecha: look at top right of Meta Chat home page.
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