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Looking-for-an-old-thread filter. I remember a link to an article on the blue, talking about what exactly the Princess Kays do with their butter sculpture busts after they won.

I even remember a few of the answers (still in my freezer, gave to charity, used it for a giant cookout). But I can’t seem to find the article, or even the correct thread on the blue. I’ve found these two butter sculpture threads, but neither seem to be what I’m looking for. I read this last year, so it might not be exact-but still relatively close.
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I've just emailed my friend who does the Princess Kay PR. He may know.

Also, I once interviewed the woman who does the butter sculptures of Princess Kay at the Minnesota State Fair. The after-the-Fair uses she mentioned were use at a corn feed (people would roll their corn cobs ON THE FACE), use at the princess's wedding, etc.
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There's one at the Minnesota Historical Society museum in St. Paul, in a glass-front refrigerator. It's creepy. But probably delicious.
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I don't know what they do, or where the thread you are looking for is, but what they SHOULD do is deep-fry them, and sell them at State Fair, clearly.
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My friend came through with these three links. I suspect you actually mean the one lalex links to above (the question mark), but that looks like the story is no longer online. So here you go:



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Gael, you're awesome-thanks!

And yeah, it probably was the one that Lalex linked-it explains why I couldn't find it through multiple google searches, either.

Grither- Just imagine the size of the stick you’d need for a 90 pound fried butter head. . .
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...but what they SHOULD do is deep-fry them, and sell them at State Fair, clearly.

Actually that would be a good catch-all answer in AskMe for anyone trying to get rid of anything. Old books? Old National Geographics? 10 year old laptop?

Deep Fry it and sell it at the State Fair!
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They're put in the Hall of Buttered Carvings, to be eternally taken care of by the reclusive Rottcodd.
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Are you going?
Are you going?
Are you going?

We're driving up this weekend for a Saturday visit to the Fair, and you can bet we'll be starting in the dairy barn. Always do. (I've never been to the Wisconsin State Fair, but this will be my third or fourth visit in a row to the Minnesota version.)

I can taste the Grain Belt now...
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Wow, I've always said that if I could legally get married, I still wouldn't want to make a big ceremony of it. And I like to think of myself as far from narcissistic.

But now that I've seen this, I will only be satisfied in my life if these two things happen:

a) Gay marriage is legal in the US
b) I can have a wedding with a butter bust of me for the guests.
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Looks like the article was pasted into one of the comments on this page (sixth comment, to be precise).
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What is a "grain belt"?
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Grain Belt is the name of a beer.
posted by jadepearl at 9:36 PM on August 28, 2010

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