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I'm looking for a video I'm pretty sure I saw linked in a comment either on the blue or the green. It was a humorous music video about the singer's dislike for vanilla sex and their preference for loving of the anal variety.

I think, although I'm not sure, that it was a male/female duo performing the song. The setting of the video was either a dinner party or a formal restaurant. I think they referred to it as "buttsex" or "in the butt" or something like that. After the video was linked, I think there was some discussion of the musical act and their other songs or some such.

(This is all because I sent the link to a friend of mine who has been badgering me about finding it again. YOU'RE WELCOME KATE I ASKED THE INTERNET ABOUT BUTTSEX FOR YOU)
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Sure, it's for "Kate."
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This post links to where the video used to be. Here's the video. I don't know where the MeFi thread on it is.
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And this is the band's web site.
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Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for. Now that I know the name of the band, I think this may have been the comment I was thinking of, although the video has since been deleted, so who knows. Anyway, thanks, and let the snarking commence.
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The MeFi comments that link to it.
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For tonight's production of I Can't Believe I'm... the role of "Kate" will be played by myself.

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My favourite part of that song is the rhymes; my least favourite part is that I am always compelled to listen to the entire thing, once it gets started, and after that it is stuck in my head for a week, and no amount of singing "Amazing Grace" to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme will dislodge it. :(
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I think this is guaranteed to dislodge Gilligan's Island. (As lyrically NSFW as the Wet Spots video, in case you wondered, so the cure may be worse than the disease.)
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It's early yet, but I rather like the Wet Spots' "Fist Me This Christmas".
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Yep, I still find that song and video incredibly annoying. It eels like they're trying t hard to be cute, clever and funny.

Machine Gun Fellatio's Let Me Be Your Dirty Fucking Whore never fails to get applause and grins though.
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And who could forget Pizazz! With such hits as "Peg Me With Ur Luv", "a2m (Ass to Mouth)" and of course, Pizazz (Gonna Give It To Ya).
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"Imagine a flower: A climbing orchid, to be exact; the one of some twenty thousand varieties that produces something edible. Now imagine that its blooms must be pollinated either by hand or a small variety of Mexican bee, and that each bloom only opens for one day a year. Now imagine the fruit of this orchid, a pod, being picked and cured, sitting in the sun all day, sweating under blankets all night for months until, shrunken and shriveled, it develops a heady, exotic perfume and flavor. Now imagine that this fruit’s name is synonymous with dull, boring, and ordinary. How vanilla got this bad rap I for one will never know."
-- Alton Brown
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surely this must be Wrong Hole, featuring Scott Baio?
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My favourite bumsex song is still Pull Up To The Bumper by the inimitable Grace Jones. In case you were wondering.
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That Pizzazz video is just wretched. But the Youtube related video links got me back to Tunak Tunak Tun, and that wasn't completely unwelcome.

(DID YOU KNOW?? Daler Mehndi is now available on iTunes?)
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No thread about music videos that glorify anal sex would be complete without mentioning Butters' version of What What? (In The Butt).
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