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What are you all saying that poor Jessamyn has to keep deleting in this thread? Also, women of Metafilter, are men you don't know actually speculating to you about your bra size and suggesting your mood is reflective of your menstrual cycle?
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Seriously asking about what the deleted comments are is going to prolong what is hopefully a problem that is resolving itself. The title of this callout is a problem. This is not helping my day. Can I close this please?
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Okay, sorry. Please delete it and close it. I seriously was wanting to talk more about the issues being raised. Also... I guess I thought you were serious when you said take it to MetaTalk. Sorry.
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That thread itself should be closed - it's based on one big ol' honkin generality that can't possibly be answered in any real-world manner.
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bluedaisy, for some info on the kinds of things the "women of MetaFilter" hear on a regular basis, take a leisurely stroll through this recent thread on the Blue.
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