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That post about baking a cake with yogurt, using the yogurt container as a measure?

Somebody requested a recipe, and a couple resulting links were excellent -- one even had a photo of the cute French glass yogurt jars somebody else mentioned, from when she first learned how.

But that may have been in an older answer somebody referred to.

Going back at least a week, searching, can't find this anywhere -- green, gray, blue. Was I dreaming?
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Voila, as the French would say.
posted by slogger at 11:52 AM on October 24, 2010

Thanks so much! Dunno why I couldn't locate it. Now, into the kitchen.
posted by Rash at 11:58 AM on October 24, 2010

Just made it last night. Really good, very tangy.
posted by everichon at 12:16 PM on October 24, 2010

I just made it, and I had...issues. I used the first link given. When I just now checked the second link, I notice some important differences. The first one contains 3 times as much flour as yogurt - the second recipe uses 2:1. The first one uses a ratio of 2:1 sugar/yogurt- the second one uses 1:1. And the second one specifies a temperature of 350 degrees F, whereas the one I used said 400 degrees F. Which is probably why mine burned on the outside while the inside was still raw.

So I highly recommend using the second link.
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I just made this too, using the first link. It took twice as long as the guidelines (I hesitate to say recipe). The top is well-browned, but a quick taste of the edge is promising, if not a tad sweet. I don't want to declare success just yet, but I'm looking forward to dessert tonight.
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I made it yesterday as well, following the first link. Total success, but it took quite a bit longer to cook. I have a piece next to me right now...and it's probably the third cake I've ever baked in my life. The yogurt pot aspect was too charming to pass by.
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Orangette version mentioned in the askme thread, for completeness. I did something like that one once, but with grapefruit juice, and it was amazing.
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See? This is why it's important to check MetaTalk. It's not all "fighty fighty," sometimes it's "Best of AskMe" and delicious cake is involved!

I'm going to go make this RIGHT NOW!
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Hey everybody - I'm the one that posted that first link and I probably should have been very explicit in my post that I'd not made that EXACT recipe but one similar to it...so I can't really vouch for that particular recipe's cookability or yumminess. I'm glad that some people have made it though and have posted comments about it -- I haven't been able to find the exact recipe I'd used previously but maybe with modifications this could be it!
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And hey, the question about what size yogurt pot to use - it is NOT a trivial answer, because the eggs are not in proportion to the pot, even though all the other ingredients are. So does anybody know what size yogurt pot to use?
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My browsing suggests that the canonical pot will contain a nominal 125mL.
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Whoah. I just figured out why my Tollhouse cookies (I can't find chocolate chips here, so a friend sent me some TRUE NESTLE TOLL HOUSE semi-sweet chocolate morsels) came out totally flat and crumbly. I apparently have a Japanese measuring cup (1 cup = 200 milliliters). That I bought in Greece. That was made by U.S. company Anchor Hocking. *scratches head* This would explain some baking failures. I thought I was just bad at it.

Anyway, I have two different yogurt pots that came from somewhere in the European Union (labels are gone, but these were some specialty organic yogurts, not Greek, probably, since we use larger tubs) that both measure about half a U.S. cup (I measured with tablespoons. Bought in the U.S.). One is just under and the other just over, but I suppose they are supposed to be around 120 milliliters. I'm not saying this is the size that the first recipe refers to, but the size of ones I have.

Here's a NY Times version of the recipe, so this one refers to U.S. cups.
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Hmm. Interesting, taz. Mine aren't crumbly but I always figured my cookies came out flat because of differences in butter or chocolate.

Still taste good though :)
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I'm making this right now, y'all; the NYT version.
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I made the recipe in the first link. Having assumed the glass yogurt jar shown was not the same size as the big 650ml ones here in Canada (the neck size seemed too small) I just one-cup-measured it all, as that seemed about the right ratio of [other stuff] to eggs. It came out nicely though baking time did have to be increased to get it cooked thorougly.

The toothpick in the middle test was important here; it would have been a mess if I hadn't patiently added another 5 minutes, then another 5 etc. Final cooking time was closer to 40 min.

The lemon juice in the first recipe is a nice touch; the flavours complement each other.
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Mine (NYT recipe) came out great! I used thick yogurt, and all flour instead of the ground almonds because I didn't feel like acquiring and grinding the almonds, though I'll try that in a future version. I used a loaf pan, and baked for 55 minutes. It's lovely simply plain, but you can see how it can be a perfect base for all sorts of different variations and combinations. Definitely a winner.

indeed, my yogurt jar is 1/2 cup, and I used it as a measure for all the ingredients since my measuring cup has now been outed as peculiar. :)
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Elizard made this cake today after I showed her the AskMe thread and we happened to have some good fatty fat fat Greek yogurt on hand so....

Yum! Two thumbs up, would eat again.

In fact, I just now finished eating a piece of it. And I suspect I will have cake for breakfast tomorrow.

It's very similar to a pound cake. This is a Good Thing.
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