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Questions about cooking food in bulk portions?

I swear there have been dozens of AskMeFi questions about which recipes are particularly good for cooking in large portions and then freezing. However, I can only seem to find "quick, easy" recipes or "crowdpleaser!" or "how to budget for food!" type questions.

I have seen this question about freezing food:

But can't seem to find the said recipes! Could anyone point me to a couple of these posts?
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...would be my answer to any question like this I come across. The only somewhat (but not really) relevant one in my posting history is this thread in which the OP specifically does not ask for freezable suggestions.

These seem to come up often in the help-me-bring-cheap-easy-lunch-to-work-everyday questions, and usually involve burritos. Here's one that fits the bill.


Vegan in bulk.
Garlic in bulk.
Onions in bulk.
Potatoes in bulk.
Beans in bulk.

It may be time to once again ask this question, though perhaps somewhat more broadly. I think you should volunteer for the job.
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Yes, I was excited to see the "human cat food" question, but the answers were neither appetizing nor realistic. I'm not interested in eating ONE MAGICAL CHOW for the rest of my life.
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I think mostly the answers to the freezer questions tend to be less specific recipes and more along the lines of "any stews, soups and pasta sauces."
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Also this and this and this might be worth a look.
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And this.
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MetaFilter: One magical chow for the rest of your life
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Homemade baby food (i.e. ground up fruits and veggies)
Almost any kind of sauce (I'm thinking marinara and pizza, but almost anything really)
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I asked for low-starch recipes for the freezer once.
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How to cook for forty humans.
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It's been a while but folks offered jfuller the then-single-parent lots of good recipes and advice in this askme about cooking in bulk and freezing. (PS, to all of them from down the long echoing corridors of time, thaaaaanks agaaaain)
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