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Help me find this horrible cartoon featured on MeFi years ago.

I remember someone posting a horrible cartoon. This must have been in 2004 or 2005. It was probably from around the time of Tex Avery, but definitely not a major-studio cartoon. It involved an anthropomorphic wolf and a Mexican (?) boy with a sombrero that extended past his eyes, like Secret Squirrel's hat.

The animation was terribly timed, unnatural, and the sound was off. It was just this amazing perfect storm of bad cartoon.

Anyone remember what it was? I think the title was something like "[Hispanic name] and [Other name]."
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Bucky and Pepito? The first link in this FPP.
posted by jedicus at 7:58 PM on October 26, 2010

Whoops, the third link in that FPP.
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If that link doesn't work, here's another Bucky and Pepito cartoon. It's pretty terrible.
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I have watched a LOT of cartoons. Probably more than is decent or healthy.

And I can confirm that that is one dreadful abomination of a cartoon.
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Here it is as part of another video. Yep, pretty bad.
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He didn't dress like a cowboy, but like a kid dressing up like a cowboy
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Louche Mustachio, you should see some of the war-time Popeye cartoons. Whoo-eee!
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I should un-see them, you mean.
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Well, that depends entirely on whether or not you get your Giant Sombrero dry cleaned in time, Greg.
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you mar all with this giant sombrero

Giant sombreros generally have the "marring all" trait, I have discovered through bitter experience.
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I cry.
Never ever did I feel the urge to prematurely click away from a cartoon on the old tube before, and I've seen Magilla Gorilla, Heckle and Jeckle, Scoobi-dooh, and even Dexter. So I'm tough.
Oh man!
Also, that absolutely aimless background music and the out-of-sync sound effects!

And that was made in 1959? Years after all the high-end soundtracks for looney tunes, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and whathaveyounot? Dethpicable!
(slight derail in terms of chronology, but here is what Andy Fisher has done to an old T&J clip...quite different but I actually like it...)

Anyway yes: why? Is this some kind of nerve-testing exercise?
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OMG. Just the mention of Bucky & Pepito and I can hear the theme song rattle around in my head "Bucky and Pepito, what a funny funny pair..." I probably saw these on Garfield Goose & Friends, which also featured the amazingly deft animation of the Clutch Cargo cartoons.

I am sure that other cities had their local "zone the kiddies out before school" programs but you'd have to go pretty far to beat the lo-fi shabby of Garfield Goose. Bucky & Pepito, Diver Dan, Clutch wonder I think FenslerFilms are genius.
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Wow. Those were in color? Damn you, mom & dad. At least I'm pretty sure that Crusader Rabbit was in B&W.
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Anyway yes: why? Is this some kind of nerve-testing exercise?

LOL According to Toonpedia, there wasn't too much competition for made-for-television animation (as opposed to theatrical animation, which had a longer history, better budgets, etc.)
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