Meetup in Albuquerque/Santa Fe, March 2002 March 26, 2002 5:59 PM   Subscribe

albuquerque/santa fe gathering
i'm the only one, aren't i? am i going to be drinking alone? (it won't be so different from all the other nights...)

posted by sugarfish to MetaFilter-Related at 5:59 PM (7 comments total)

hope I didn't get your hopes up. I just hate seeing "0" comments. Don't feel bad, I don't think there are many Detroit-area MeFiers, either. And drinking alone is underrated (especially when you get to do it in an area as beautiful as Santa Fe).
posted by pardonyou? at 8:45 AM on March 27, 2002

¡Viva 'Burque! Had I not moved away almost 4 years ago, I would be thrilled to raise a glass with you sugarfish. rats.
posted by whatnot at 9:10 AM on March 27, 2002

Come join us in Los Angeles this Friday.
posted by bingo at 10:53 AM on March 27, 2002

i'll be down for a new mexico gathering after mid-may.
posted by pikachulolita at 6:04 PM on March 27, 2002

pikachulolita, bitchin! are you coming for a visit or what?

whatnot: i bet the bars you remember from burque are long gone... i moved here four years ago and there aren't many still around from then.
posted by sugarfish at 10:40 PM on March 27, 2002

There are actually quite a few Detroit-area people here, pard. I've corresponded with at least half a dozen, and there are several more I've just never gotten around to.
posted by rodii at 5:49 AM on March 28, 2002

i'm going to be living in las cruces for the summer. and it will be an entirely non-productive summer, thank god, so i should have virtually no responsibilities. hooray!
posted by pikachulolita at 12:33 AM on March 31, 2002

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