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I don't think the FAQ instructions for linking a LinkedIn account are valid anymore.

Unless I am completely inept, the public profile is now in the form of[firstname]-[lastname]/[numbers].
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Interesting. Is this something that is changeable in your profile settings? When I look there, I get to choose a URL if I want to and mine is I get some really ugly errors when trying to check their help pages, but is it possible the URL you're seeing is what you get if you don't choose a custom URL? In any case, we should make sure that people can link to it no matter what format it takes
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 7:51 PM on December 13, 2010

D'oh, I somehow completely missed that section. Thanks jessamyn.
posted by griphus at 7:54 PM on December 13, 2010

Not a problem, their user settings page is a mess. I'll see if we can add somethign to the faq that makes this clearer for people.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 7:55 PM on December 13, 2010

That's what it appears to be, yes. My public profile was a /pub/ link as noted above; going to edit the profile settings allowed me to select a custom URL, which was then in the /in/ form, which I could use to link here at MeFi. Of course now my MeFi account is linked to my LinkedIn account.
posted by kipmanley at 8:02 PM on December 13, 2010

Actually, I do keep getting emails about adding Jessamyn West to my linkedin, that I can only imagine happens because I'd used my real account and had emailed about MeFi stuff when I joined linkedin and i (accidentally I swear - ) let LinkedIn into my gmail contacts, two of whom were named Jessamyn, one of which was a mod of my acquaintance.
Not sure what the best way to deal is. Jessamyn W has always been awesome when I've emailed mods, and if I don't show up on her LinkedIn radar, then perhaps I don't need to worry.
posted by Sparx at 1:48 AM on December 14, 2010

Since this post is up, World of Warcraft moved the armory, and the old linking system isn't working anymore. Now it should be[server]/[character]/simple instead of the old one.
posted by Zophi at 6:16 AM on December 14, 2010

Actually, I do keep getting emails about adding Jessamyn West to my linkedin

I was on LinkedIn the other day and noticed that the other Jessamyn West, the horse masseuse, is now there also. Am tempted to add her just for the amusement of the thing. I know lots of people deal with people with their name every single day but she's the only one that I know of in the world [besides the one who is dead] and it must bug her to see me all over her Google.

I made a little addition to the RSS feeds question in the FAQ talking about playlist feeds.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 7:47 AM on December 14, 2010

Jessamyn, I think for clarity's sake you should start indicating that you are not a horse masseuse everywhere you can - business cards (Jessamyn West [not the horse masseuse but the other one]), email signature (Jessamyn West, please do not inquire about horse massages,) phone pickup phrase ("Hello, Jessamyn West, I don't massage horses, how many I help you?") &c.
posted by griphus at 9:19 AM on December 14, 2010

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