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Looking for a Metafilter post or comment regarding a blog of text messages sent to the wrong number.

A few months ago someone posted a link to a blog set up by a young lady who receives text messages intended for people with her same name. It had something to do with the way her cell phone provider set up some kind of shortcut feature. She collects the messages and posts them to her blog. I can't seem to find it. Help please? Thanks.
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The Leila Texts.
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Oh by the way, I'm just sitting at home tonight with a fractured wrist and an extremely bruised arm and a tweaked back and am not good for much else, so if anyone needs help with other questions, just shoot!
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Thank you so much! I'm sorry about your wrist/arm/back--feel better soon!
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This post is now about mudpuppie's injury. Kickboxing, street fighting, mountain climbing, or was there a mishap with say.... a fruit bat?
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An Ikea employee broke your wrist? What did you do to precipitate that?
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Fucked up with an alan wrench something hard.
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Ikea, you say?

You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

Get well soon, mudpuppie!
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The other day I got a VM and the guy says, "Thanks for the package. I wanted to let you know that Paige's brother dropped dead so she's quite upset."

I had to call the guy back and tell him he had the wrong number. I wouldn't have bothered, but I figured the person he was calling might actually want the information that Paige's brother was dead.

The truly weird thing about this one is this is the second time this has happened to me. On my home answering machine I had some obviously choked up guy leave me a long rambling tear filled voice mail about how Wilbur was no longer with us.

Two different numbers, two different callers, years apart, but still, what are the chances of that?

I still have the "dropped dead" one on my iPhone. I was thinking about seeing if there was a way to extract this as an audio file.
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Fucked up with an alan wrench something hard.

Reminds me of my mechanic buddy Alyn, who re-labels every allen wrench drawer he finds with "Alyn Wrenches."
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Yikes, get better mudpuppie!

I once got a VM from a sad-voiced little kid asking his Dad if he was still going to come to his birthday. He sounded so dejected yet hopeful, I wished I could go over there and give him a damn present. Or a hug. :(
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They're called alan keys over here. That ain't no wrench.
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Didn't he run for president?
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Alan Keyes got screwed.
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I got a text on New Year's Eve that said: "Happy New Year to your big junk. Yum." I replied: "Thanks! But you've got the wrong number. Heh." The response? "Whatevs." Unfortunately, my girlfriend wasn't the least bit jealous.
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