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Discussion thread regarding Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and the accompanying Prof. Hungerford lecture just went up in Metachat.

We'll talk about what we're reading next in about a week on Metachat.
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May want to link to the actual thread!
posted by hermitosis at 10:16 AM on January 31, 2011

Sorry. Here's the link to the actual thread.
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Don't ever antagonize the horn
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I didn't realize I had to join MetaChat separately from MeFi, so I'm waiting (I think) for my new membership to be approved.

When you register, can you log in right away but have to wait for approval before you can post? I seem to be able to log in, but my posts are getting rejected. If it's just a matter of waiting, I can certainly be patient; just wasn't sure how it's supposed to work.
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I've always LOVED that book! For those of you who haven't read it, The Crying of Lot 49 is a CLASSIC sci-fi story set in an alternative biblical past.

After his wife is killed in the destruction of Sodom, Lot falls in love with a Vampire named Edward. But Vampires are immortal - how can Lot maintain his mortal charms to be with his sweetheart throughout centuries of passion? By constructing a series of clones and continually harvesting their organs, of course!

Thus Lot maintains his youthful vigour, but the latest clone - Lot 49 - finds out about the fate that awaits him and won't stop crying. Until HE falls in love with a werewolf, and they run away together, forever free of Lot 1's hideous plan! This book has it all, and it's much better than Pynchon's TV series, "V".
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Kristi, I think you can log in immediately. You may want to contact one of the site administrators, like Miko or Boring Postcards, to double check that. Please join us!
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Still valiantly trying to finish the book, hopefully I'll be done before the conversation is over.
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