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I'm curious and Want to Know Things, particularly: what ever happened to X in AskMeFi? And what about when X needed X? Did they get it? What about anonymous' certain issue... down there?

I've been toying with the idea of creating an AskMe to ask people who have posted a question... what ever came of it? Did dawkins_7's husband pass the bar exam? Has anonymous patched up things with her brother? Did other anonymous really go through with that breakup? After all the advice, what car did so and so finally purchase? From TLDR Special Snowflake relationship questions to "How Should I File My Taxes", I would love a corner of MeFi for people to come back a year or so afterward and say "This is what happened..."

I know we get the post-month follow-up e-mail, but from what I can tell, not very many people actually go back. It would be great if people could post a link to their original question, and then let us know the aftermath. I am not sure if a new AskMeFi question is the way to go, however. Suggestions?
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There's the "answered" tab on the front page of askme, which displays stuff that's gotten best answers, and which lists on the sidebar questions that have received the "resolved" tag. The latter is particularly useful for watching for late-breaking updates.

That's basically the go-to source for browsing what folks have to say about how their questions turned up. Folks who haven't come back to followup aren't obliged and may have their own reasons for not wanting to do so, so we don't really want to put pressure on them to re-engage beyond the one-month mefimail reminder.

If folks want to chatter about followup stuff here as a fun one-off thread thing, that's fine I think. Posting a question to askme would be right out—it's not for asking meta-questions about the site, that needs to be a metatalk-only sort of thing.
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I just assume that anyone I have not seen for a while after their should-I-eat-this? post is dead.
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For what it's worth you can always memail me and ask. But I don't think I've asked anything you'd be too interested in.
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People do this sort of thing in MeTa once in a while and I think this thread is that thread now.

- My sister and I found a bug in gmail/google calendar as it turns out!
- I did not get the laptop working but some nice MeFite sent me an old Thinkpad in the mail which made the student I was working with very happy.
- I settled for a lizard x-ray. I was surprised this was so difficult.
- My index is being done, NOT BY ME, this week.
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After asking this question about what salty snacks to eat, I am now totally hooked on these seaweed snacks, thank you mskyle! :)
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I asked people from Civil War re-enactors' groups about the pinfire revolver; I have a new list of books not to read in order not to spoil my pleasure in the movies on which they were based.

Look out! I may ask another question at any time in the next three years!
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"I know we get the post-month follow-up e-mail"

Wait what? Everyone who comments/answers an AskMe gets a MeFiMail follow-up a month later?
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Eideteker: " Wait what? Everyone who comments/answers an AskMe gets a MeFiMail follow-up a month later?"

Everyone, other than Anonymous, who creates a post in AskMe gets a follow-up email one month later as long as they have not marked their question resolved.
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My spouse got adjusted to his Target-brand duvet and now he uses it all year round (even when it's 80°F indoors), and adds a thin but heavy blanket over the top in the winter time. I still think he's kind of a freak.

Also, Morning Edition has been doing a great series of stories on women in combat that respond to a lot of the stuff I was looking for in this question, although I never tracked down the specific article I was thinking about.
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I moved my sink and did it the right way. Sharkbite valves FTW.

After some shopping around I managed to get everything into the cabinet I had, although a very nice MeFite MeMailed me and offered to design a cabinet for me, free of charge. Stuff like that reminds me why I love this place so much.

I did buy her a Theremin, which she picked up right away, though she hasn't really used it much. Bought her a tenor uke this past Christmas, which she has used.

This thread really turned out much better than I expected. After taking in all that advice I built myself a workbench and organized my tools. I jokingly called it "Megabench" and posted some photos to the Make Magazine Flickr pool. One thing led to another, a few other DIY blogs picked it up, and my Megabench will be featured in a print magazine come June. I've even included a sort of MeFi Easter egg in the pictures they'll be publishing. Organizing my shop has been an on-going process and every time I place a new tool just so or buy a new kind of tape I am reminded of all the great advice I received in that thread.

Sadly, I have an even larger buttload of wine corks and I still haven't done anything with them.

And then there is the Death Star costume, which thanks to Matt has given my son his fifteen minutes of fame. At least among a handful of geeks.
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I started taking ADD meds.
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matty: "I started taking ADD meds."

matty, that's great--I hope? I assume you're posting because it worked out for you. Has it made a huge difference in your life?
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My follow-up is down-thread in my AskMe. Answer is: Yes.
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The yellow grids on telephone poles are reflectors. stupidsexyFlanders helped with that one, he's the mayor of the borough next to my township.

The gas company finally showed up and lit my mom's pilot light.
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I subscribe to the "Resolved" AskMe feed, which is cool, but I am baffled when people add the resolved tag without 1) marking any favorite answers, or 2) posting a reply to explain what happened or what they did/decided.
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Because of this, this happened ( NSFW )
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I was smart from the very beginning.
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As it turned out, there were a bunch of other mac users in my print design class and none of them had bothered to install parallels or a dual boot, either. Almost all of us had MS office for mac so we joined forces and helped each other learn how to use the "publishing layout" option in word. I heard recently that the school is going to change my program's computer requirements because of us.
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Not specific resolutions, but some cool answers in these two questions of mine.
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Yes, dear reader, YES, I was able to connect that Windows 7 PC to a Mac. However, the relationship between myself and the scifi genre is still touch and go. Never have found a good online voting solution that allows write in ballots and makes it easy to tabulate though.

I would LOVE if this AskMe about a Christmas party composed of dishes that were all white in color was updated with a photo.
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Ya'all are gonna have photos tomorrow resulting from my Doctor Who costume question earlier this week, and they are going to be epic.
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I finally bit the bullet and went full-on paleo, and my symptoms have disappeared and I'm off the prednisone. That, plus a carefully-calculated gradual increase in exercise, and I feel just about normal these days - I'm going to start lifting regularly next week.

A friend of mine had a clothing swap so I just gave away that ugly old bag. (And everyone was amused to see me carrying a pink bag in my pile of stuff, proving my point.)
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I called this friend the week her baby's birthday would have been, and we had a great chat. I didn't send flowers or have a tree planted. I did get her a magazine subscription that she was complaining she couldn't afford during our conversation, but I sent it as an unrelated gift.

My kittens have not destroyed my sheers, but Zenith does keep trying to take over my laptop.

Also, we made pizza and caprese sandwiches. They were delicious.
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Bah, bad paste- Zenith.
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1. This is appropriate for MeTa, not AskMe, since it's a question about Metafilter.

2. Instead of asking whether it's a good idea to ask a question, I recommend just asking the question. This thread is as good as any for people to answer it.

3. This 2007 thread asked the same question. I'm interested to see how the AskMe questions asked since then have turned out.
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I discovered in Dec 2010 that transatlantic bereavement fares from Delta/United are cut-price flexible-date tickets. But they are still 150-200% of the cost of a non-refundable, non-flexible ticket that you would book on their website. I also discovered that Delta at least were willing to turn one of those non-flexible tickets into a flexible ticket when a relative dies while you're in the middle of your trip. I also chose an HTC Desire over an iPhone (a wise move) and watched the UNC Tarheels win the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament and make it look easy via I'm saving Hatchi for a rainy day.
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It turns out that the KBG agent's daughter wasn't dead (the pimp asked a henchman to shoot her, but he couldn't bring himself to do it), and then Sam Waterson had a touching reunion with his own astranged daughter.
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You are all awesome.

I am laughing at this question now, as it was a Very Big Deal then, and by the end of the month found a wonderful, darling little place just a block from where I work. The MeFi love was really mentally/emotionally helpful then, I recall.

Honestly, it's when people kindly and reassuringly answer relationship questions, no matter the redundancy that makes me treasure this place. I stopped the mope, we're still together, and even talking about moving in together next year, perhaps. In the mean time, I moved out of random roomate's place and found my own apartment (see above). Love having it all to myself. ;)

The oyster stew was not salvageable. :(

I actually went back to the dealer and talked them into throwing in a bunch of free stuff. The car served me wonderfully well for a year, then I sold it and made a $1000 "profit".

Turns out he was seeing someone else, but didn't want to break off our friends-with-benefits relationship.

This was fun... I got to look at a mini-diary of some of the bigger blips in my life over the last couple of years.
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Also, I am pretty settled on getting a Brittany.
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"Everyone, other than Anonymous, who creates a post in AskMe gets a follow-up email one month later as long as they have not marked their question resolved."

Wow, since when? My last question was... October, but I marked a few Best Answers, so I might not have gotten it. Last question before that was... 2009. (Geez, you people ask a lot of questions.)
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I got a reminder MefiMail from my question in September 2009.
About a month ago you asked a question on Ask MetaFilter:

A warm-weather comforter that's heavy and cool

Since then, your question has received 24 answers from 23 members. Was your question answered? If so, please visit the thread at the link above and select best answers if any stood out. If you have any follow-up information or a resolution, please comment in the thread.

Consider adding a 'resolved' tag to the thread if your problem was solved. This will let other members know your question was answered and will help others find any follow-up information you add. You can add the tag by clicking this link:

Thanks for participating in AskMe. You can always contact us with any problems:

Tired of these? You can opt-out of MeFi Mail reminders in your site preferences.
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I got that rash cleared up, stopped sleeping with my brother's sister, finally made that hash out of puppies and kittens, got myself circumsized at age 38 and did actually get over my squeamishness and drink the blood.

Whoa, wait, what account am I logged in as again?
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I'm getting the Rav4. Probably a 2011 though. Mr. Wuzandfuzz didn't end up applying to med school and is currently happily working in the biotech industry. I got through the quarter life crisis and mostly just knowing that it was normal was the most helpful.
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My Ask questions do not require updates because I was raised to value other people's time and to be polite who are trying to help you. I both say thank you and post outcomes in my Ask threads.

Why can't you people be more like me?!?!
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I only get three months to make an update. For the comforter question it took much longer than that to settle on a solution. By the time I had an update (at the end of winter), the question was closed.

Same for my military question - if I could post my update 3 years later, I would.
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My boyfriend ended up buying his parents' house for a song without even needing a down payment, my ear miggly was indeed due to having my wisdom teeth extracted, and has since mostly cleared up. This question was a waste, Facebook still ends up being shady every once in a while with the same batch of people who I'm only connected to through my Gmail contacts list, and I still haven't created that online community for my hometown yet, so I guess motivation is certainly the biggest factor.
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Why can't you people be more like me?!?!

can't afford the surgery.
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We ended up not knowing whether we actually needed to move back to Pakistan instead of two blocks away until the day our lease ended, so the ostensible overlap time never happened, other than the actual day of the move.

The hijiri tasted fine, I think. But I didn't like them.

Shipping costs to the UAE are often quite prohibitive, so I'm hoping to get a chance to check out the Dictionary of Difficult Words this summer. It remains to be seen whether Mrbardophile will accompany me.

My niece had a great time, and her mother was much reassured by everyone's responses.

It turns out that while ShrinkRap and Radiolab are fascinating podcasts, they don't help me stay on track, at all. Still haven't found anything that fulfills that last criterion.

My husband has been transferred to a project site 250km further into the desert, rendering the question about 4 year old air-warriors completely moot.

Lastly, she REALLY isn't driving without a license. I hope she will look into the process for getting one again, soon.
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It wasn't really a book, 3 months later, he kissed me, we got caught, spouse and I had a long, long, long talk and shortly afterwards, we decided to end it and really, it was overdue.

My son is unemployed, after 18 months at uni and then dropping out. He plans to get a job and then go back.

I still have body issues, but the he mentioned above has promised that when I'm free (as I'm still living with the ex for now) he will provide me with the reassurance I need.

I never managed to curb the family's spending, and currently have some debt to deal with on the way out.
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It wasn't really a book

That seems borderline-not-kosher to me. If there ain't a book, it's chatfilter, no?
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In this instance it seems like a way to semi-anonymize the question - it wasn't really a chatfilter type question.
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We had Anonymous in 2010.
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I dumped the MFA, got a lawyer, went to the doctor, started therapy, and threw it out rather than eating it. Thanks AskMe!!
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I really liked it and felt totally inspired by the amazing training, then immediately realized I am far, far too broke to do Crossfit until I pay off my student loans or make more money. I'm doing couch to 5k on my own and joined a sweet, traditional gym that's right by me.

Thank GOD, the best answers worked and I literally called my mother to brag about my seven hours of work paying off (had I asked when I first started, it would have been more like an hour). I still don't believe in flushable cat litter. I also praised MeFi at length to anyone who talked to me in the subsequent 48 hours.

b33j, that's quite an AskMe saga. I like it.
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The Chumby is doing a great job with morningtime alarms. Mr. G is managing to get up on time without sleeping through the alarm. I am finding myself much more cheerful most mornings, which is a bonus.

Duchess's ashes are still in the plastic shoeboxes, because the animals won't stop having expensive emergencies so the budget is still tight, insert swearing here.

On that note, Badass Feral Kitty who escaped a coyote got renamed Ripley. She goes to have her stitches out Monday and we'll find out if she gets to keep her eyeball.

Avocadro seems to have died despite my efforts.

No Android phone yet. See expensive emergencies comment, and add more swearing.

We passed up the carpet.

It was an eye ulcer indeed.

Still haven't found the Playhouse 90 Alas Babylon.

We saved one set of towels and can't find "pet hair releaser spray" to try to save the others.
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My apologies, the young rope-rider, I should be more careful with my words. I have in the distant past had a relationship that my husband instigated, and it turned out tacky. This does not mean that all polyamory is tacky or sleazy, and I'm sorry that I said that. And thanks for the "relatively ethical" - I'm not 100% happy with it either but I'm owning it.
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I bought myself the ice skates and have really taken to it. I've progressed a lot more quickly than expected and I hope to start competing next year. (turns out there is a whole world of Adult Skating) (sadly, it's not as risque as it sounds)
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I bought some BPAL (Wrath and Boomslang are still go-tos for me), ended up with new travel vouchers and went to DC for a great vacation (but sadly did not go to the Library of Congress; next time!) and took lots of pictures with my new Powershot. I found the keywords for my key ring and still need to buy it, and ended up with a friend looking after our cats (which reminds me I need to get a cat sitter for NTIF). We're still figuring out whether we want to do something with the stained glass and/or get a Wii. And I still don't have a comprehensive resource for music in Doctor Who Confidentials.
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I got a second stick of deodorant
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I named my new business Ginger's Fresh Mix, had a tour of Alcatraz that my family will never forget (thank you again, primalux), bought the tankless hot water heater, starting the demo phase of my new kitchen next week, and my friends are buying the teepee tomorrow.
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Eideteker: ""Everyone, other than Anonymous, who creates a post in AskMe gets a follow-up email one month later as long as they have not marked their question resolved."

Wow, since when? My last question was... October, but I marked a few Best Answers, so I might not have gotten it. Last question before that was... 2009. (Geez, you people ask a lot of questions.)

You have to have it enabled in your preferences. I believe you have to uncheck "opt out of mefi mail reminders."
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Guess what just happened. They rolled out the new comment loading thing in AskMe!
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pew pew!
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A couple times a week I wonder what happened with fake's friend and the Lux Lounge.
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For muddgirl, more correctly, I could have asked "help me find a way to fantasize about my husband's friend and be able to imagine being with him, without destroying our social circles" but I think that would have gone downhill rapidly with people deciding that fantasy was cheating as much as actually doing it. It wasn't a book, but it was a story... for an audience of one.
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I resigned. My new employer was bought out about six months later; I'm still with them, and it was the best move I ever made.

At Metafilter's suggestion, I upended my plans: instead of the original plan, I started in Vegas and spent two weeks driving through Utah (up through Zion, Bryce Canyon and Moab), Colorado (Durango), New Mexico (Santa Fe and Los Alamos), and Arizona. It was THE GREATEST HOLIDAY EVER and I love AskMe dearly for it. (And I scratched this itch at a meteorite dealer in Santa Fe.)

Dinner and cocktails (lots of cocktails) at Alembic made me fall in love with SF all over again.

I booked early, which was excellent advice; Bodega Bay and Fort Bragg were both booked solid by the time Labor Day rolled around.

AskMeFi is better than a travel agency and a tourist bureau all smooshed together.
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I didn't melt in Central Asia thanks to loose skirts, thin tops, and local clothing.
Once I got back, my Tajik accent (mostly) faded after spending a few months talking with Iranians again.
I didn't actually make anything with my button collection.
I'm living with my British boyfriend and it's great.
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Russian update is here.
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I never did get my roommates to agree to a system for our wifi problem. I'm going to the gym regularly and haven't completely hurt myself, though I still can't find much more to do there than walk, but the support in the thread really got me motivated into going and keeping with it. Thanks!

I decided against the custom shoes (for now) - I still can't find shoes that fit though. Oh, and I made the Greasy Honky Pie as posted in this thread (though not for that particular pot luck) and it was a hit.

I also created a Metatalk thread to update, and say thanks for everyone who helped me out with my cat, Mister.
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the young rope-rider and raisingsand, thanks for that reminder. That said, I guess I vaguely remembered in my head that the girls were Safe but that I don't know if particular legal action took place or there was more revealed about how they ended up in that situation. Are the Lux owners in prison? Did this lead to an uncovering of a huge, awful operation?
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Based on Dame's suggestion my friend and I met at the Subway Inn and had a great time.

I barely remember asking this question, but upon review I did read some of the suggested books.

I ended up staying with the regular sized scanner and continue to stitch the oversized pieces together. It still bothers me to do it, though I do it less now.

This was a helpful exercise. We played shows on both coasts and in the midwest and tried to target some of these places (which we did achieve in a few cases). The band has since broken up.

I now own many of the recordings recommended in this thread (as well as the helpful "previously on" threads) on music to think to. We have since moved but our new upstairs neighbor is, frankly, worse.

The kiosk tips that were given to me here were very helpful (and greatly relied upon) since I had such a short time to turn the project around.

My drive just outside of Detroit was a breeze
thanks to the insider info.

And, this one about high quality short run printers is still in the works.

I also see that even though I've improved over time I need to do a better job of in-thread follow up and marking the best answers.
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After considering a lot of different options, I decided to just stick with the film industry and move to Los Angeles. I'm currently saving up the necessary funds and hope to ring in New Years 2012 on the west coast.

Stay tuned for lots of questions about buying a used car and which L.A. neighborhoods are cool.

The alcoholic church fundraiser went off without a hitch. Funds were raised. Beers were drunk. Nobody was scandalized.

The folks at my local Chase branch were actually pretty great when I got home and physically went to the bank. I am still tempted by TD Bank, but have yet to switch thanks to the app that allows you to remotely deposit checks through your iPhone. But definitely still considering TD.
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  • This got sidelined after about 20 hours of unpaid work.
  • I recovered all the data thanks to some awesome advice. (incidentally, version 1 of this post was lost in The Great Data Rollback Of June 2010, which is why ArkhanJG says "I wasn't going to answer this one originally"
  • Based on the advice here, I set up Omeka. 14 months later, it's finally being populated by the nonprofit.
  • This question sent me on a long quest that ended up completely transforming the IT approach that my then-employer took, plus now I know how to setup and administrate Active Directory stuffs. Nerd points +10! I also have a weird love/hate relationship with Microsoft Knowledge Base. I don't know how I feel about caring about this stuff...
  • For this site, we scaled back the ambition, and just made a private Wordpress site that is infrequently updated with info emailed in. I still think there's a good solution to be had in theory...
  • There were some good answers to this question, but the need changed and we did something else in the end.
  • I never fixed this, so I switched to an Apple Mighty Mouse, which was actually awesome, but I now use a Magic Mouse, which I hate. Horrible thing. But I'm totally used to it and other mice feel well weird now.
  • For the oscilloscope, we ended up using one of the ones suggested - maybe SMAART? None were perfect though. There were gridlines that we got rid of with Final Cut Pro tweaking. It then got cut from the final version of the documentary anyway. Oh well!
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When Little Amy met the Empty Child.
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I got a dog, found places to talk about dogs online, took the dog camping, wondered about her ears, and the she was fine while we went on vacation.

I used the great advice I've gotten over the years to get my hair cut, dress better, and enjoy myself at a spa.

And Metafilter has helped my career; I went back to school, created a local news site, improved my design skills, learned about negotiating salaries, and will soon be starting at my dream job.

Thanks, Metafilter! You've been there for me for a long time.
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I'm wondering what happened with this situation.
posted by SisterHavana at 11:30 AM on February 27, 2011

I ordered some Dansko Stefanies to replace my Birkenstocks today.

We called Optoma and they are sending a replacement fan (hasn't arrived yet, so not sure if they really will).

I actually did post a follow-up to this question. But to follow up on the follow-up, breastfeeding is still going well. I went back to work two weeks ago and I'm now pumping during the day, so Baby Rabbit is still 100% breastfed.

I ended up buying a book by the only author recommended in this thread.

After two or three months working on voiding the life estate on my house in South Carolina, I hired a real estate agent recommended to me by a MeFite and it's going on the market this week.

Not sure if any of my other questions are worth following up, though after this question, we did end up deciding that we could (sort of) afford to have a kid and still have time for him. So far, so good though we're not doing anything like saving for retirement anymore. Or saving at all, actually.
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The unexpected C-section ended up just fine, and I was somehow given clearance to take home this beautiful baby girl.

Never did figure out that artist, 2 of the songs, or that strange map/data site.

The car thing ended up a hugely rotten situation, but at least I ended up with an Accent again.

All the rest have "Best Answers" and proper follow-up.

I enjoyed reading through other people's summaries. Been away for a while, and it was like going around the room. Thanks for asking this!
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I have posted in the thread but, I know some people don't go back. I didn't tell my husband, the ex killed himself, leaving me as the last person he spoke with. He did not leave a note.

My marriage has gotten much better as we seem to be reconnecting with one another. I believe my husband did know something was going on and decided to let it go. I am still not seeing a therapist as I can not afford the prices of the few that had openings. I am doing better with the help of my best friend. It is hard, I miss the ex, but, I am glad that my marriage is getting better.

I regret cheating on my husband, but, I am also relieved that the ex and I made up prior to his death.
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The phone calls stopped on their own.

I'm still apathetic.
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