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The thread on "You are Listening to Los Angeles" was linked by the daily yesterday. If you haven't seen the site, it's by mefi's own idontlikewords.

Text from their post:

Single Serving Site of the Day: “You are listening to Los Angeles” — a brilliant, Scanner-esque mashup of live LAPD radio chatter and Creative Commons-licensed ambient music ripped from SoundCloud — is the brainchild of MeFite Eric “idontlikewords” Eberhardt.

He explains how the idea for the site came about:

The night the Giants won the World Series there were a lot of people on Twitter referencing the live police scanner webcast from and I gave it a listen. Interesting stuff to be sure, but I got bored listening to just the voices and started playing some instrumental music in the background. I liked the results but it was complicated to explain to people how to replicate the mix (i.e. opening multiple copies of iTunes or VLC) so I made this site to simplify the process.

Next up: An iPhone app.
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This should probably be in one of the open threads though, I reckons.
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All it needs now is an AskMe: How do I get the police dispatcher in my area to rhyme Weird Al couplets all night long so my single-serving polka/scanner mash-up site can finally take off?
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I read this like a dozen times and I think I've finally figured it out. "You are listening..." was created by idontlikewords. MetaFilter linked to that site. The Daily What, which was not created by idontlikewords, linked to that site and also to MetaFilter.

The text posted is from The Daily What but also contains text from the "You are listening..." site.
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It is 5AM
and you are, LISTening
to Los Angeles
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Next up: You are listening to Metafilter

Recent comments read in Werner Herzog's voice mashed up with the soothing sounds of Lady Gaga.
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It really is a neat project. I had to turn it off after a while yesterday because I felt like it was eating my soul, but that's mostly an issue because I was trying to be productive. There are definitely days where I mostly want to open a beer and have my soul eaten.
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I love it! But how can I get this to stream on my Squeezebox?
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Oh man I came in here to freak out because I thought you were telling me that the guy was a mefite. Damn.
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Even more effective if you shut off the soundcloud tracks and just put Roger Waters' Radio K.A.O.S. album on in the background.
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It is awesome.
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I've been thinking of doing something like this (combining a live stream with a recorded one, or perhaps two recorded ones). I'm not sure of the feasibility of streaming through from my home, and I doubt I could do it cheaply in a hosted environment.
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I can't seem to get this to work on my Android phone. I can play the Soundcloud track by itself, but nothing on the scanner side. Thoughts?
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Oh man I came in here to freak out because I thought you were telling me that the guy was a mefite. Damn.

That's what I thought too. I've been trying to figure out how to contact for awhile now to find out who he is on MetaFilter. There are too many crossovers for him to be just a lurker.
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