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I want to suggest some uplifting askme threads that deal with feelings of inadequacy, stress and depression to a friend. Which ones?

A close friend of mine is having a hard time: bad boyfriend*; fear of failing her upcoming exams and an unrelenting depression. Exams are in less than a month and I'm worried that she (she as in depression) is dragging herself down so won't be able to handle both the revision and the actual exams as I know she can.

She's feeling tired, stupid, inadequate, depressed and I hate to see her like this. I'm more and more worried it will affect how she performs which will, in turn, only make her feel worse and compound, well, everything.

In the past something that has really helped me was reading askme threads that not only mean me feel less alone ('okay, so someone else goes through this') but also that such situations are met with warm and kind answers from the mefi community. Giving perspective and supportive advice is one of the best things that askme does.

Problem is that I can't seem to find the threads that I found helpful so I was hoping that you guys could suggest some. Threads that deal with bad relationships* (there was a thread a while back that said something on the lines of 'making bad relationship decisions doesn't make you a bad person'), depression, inadequacy, procrastination, sense of inferiority...etc Essentially threads where people are feeling in a rut and mefi lifts them out.

Thanks a lot and I'm sorry if this isn't an appropriate meta.

I hope this doesn't come across as 'show me the threads where people are doing bad so my friend can comparatively feel better' #really# not the intent although I could see how the question could be understood that way. More of a question of perspective and support: hard part of depression is that inner void of deep set loneliness and seeing that strangers can deal with the same problems can only help to my mind.

*Just as an FYI: when i say bad, I just mean that as far as I can tell her boyfriend isn't supportive and isn't making her happy. I know that you can't tell more than that (and even...) from the outside and mean it more in a 'handling hard relationships' than DTMFA material- especially with exams on the way
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The ThereIsHelp page on the Metafilter wiki is a good place to start. It's a collaborative effort of the community to help people in need.

http://mssv.net/wiki/index.php/DepressionAskMes. Start here. The first suggestion: Shiny, Happy People is wonderful.
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I asked this question years go when I was going through a rough patch, and I found the answers really touching and helpful. I hope it will help your friend as well.
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May I suggest you have her sign up or buy her a membership? I've made so many wonderful friends here who offer a sympathetic ear when I'm upset and celebrate with me when great things happen.
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Somebody reminded me of this old one the other day. Might be at least partly relevant.
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