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Not really happy with Burlee, so I'm looking for a new web host. I've read the Web Hosting Talk forums - a bit too much "noise" there. (And yes, I've read this posting on Metatalk.)

Specially, I'm looking for a UNIX based host that will allow me to host several domains (including my weblog) with one account. (Separate domains/urls, no URL redirects, sub-domain forwarding, or other database tricks.) Not necessarily looking for a cheapie "unlimited bandwidth" type of host, just reliable and up-front (unlike Burlee).

So anyone care to offer another round of web hosting recommendations (or warnings)?
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I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for (ie I don't know if their urls are redirected or not), but I have nothing but good things to say about Verve Hosting. I have three domains hosted there under one account. Prices are decent and they offer lots of goodies.
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I've been with Dreamhost since 1997, and can't really complain. I'm leaving them within the next month, but only because I'm colo-ing my own server.

I hear good things about CornerHost, too.
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Yes! I've been referenced to! Too bad it wasn't one of my finer moments.
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I spent a few days duly crossreferencing webhostingtalk.com forums to pull out widely recommend providers... one I have used, ventures online has been great so far for the couple clients I have on it, the other site5 I'll be using soon, but I've heard good things.

Just be glad you don't have my problem. I'm looking for somewhere to host a custom server, running on our own port, that won't require me to dedicated host :(
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I know on a mailing list two mefi users (camworld and rebecca blood) both heartily recommended Pair.
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Modwest is another one I see mentioned favorably from time to time.

While I,m at it, if anyone needs IIS/ASP hosting, I've been pretty happy with Alentus.
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I also heartily join in on Pair. I haven't had a single problem or outage in over a year.
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Appreciate the suggestions so far. (I'll be checking them out.) Which reminds me...

Where's Metafilter hosted?

Also, when a host allows you multiple domains under one account, how does that work? (I've only had URL (using frames) redirects, so I'm unfamilar with other setups.)
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This thread may get deleted...

MetaFilter is hosted courtesy of Jason Levine

jca, what you are looking for is a host that offers domain pointing. Pair.com offers it, but it's kinda expensive if you intend to use PHP, etc. You should post a thread to WebHostingTalk.com with what you need, and list your email address so people can email you their offers. I did the same, and was recommended HostRocket.com, they are decent, but I wouldn't recommend them, especially after Chrish had problems with hosting Blogvoices with them.
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Hostrocket.com ...
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So that's one for Hostrocket, and one against Hostrocket. :) (Thanks for the info about domain pointing.)
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When you do start up multiple domains in one space, I have one hint for you. Do not map any domains into the root of your web space, always create a subdirectory. If you start doing .htaccess stuff in a root directory, it will affect all parked domains.
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I second Verve.
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Read a few good things about HostCulture.com & Myacen.
The problem with HostRocket.com is they became so successful that they can't keep up with their customers. I signed up in Dec '00, and I am on Host4, currently they have 25 servers that are shared (I think), and their plan is really good, well no domain pointers in the Economy plan, but the price is worth it, and there was a price freeze too, so I only pay $10/mo. The newer servers are doing fairly ok, it's the older servers that are taking a beating. Now they've setup their own datacentre so hopefully things will be much better. Blogvoices was a high traffic site, and therefore they couldn't host it in the plan it was hosted. But for personal sites, HR is fine.
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I second DreamHost, which runs Debian Linux (no IIS/ASP — yay!) and can handle multiple domain names. Domains are different folders, accessed by different IDs. See their knowledge base.
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pair are solid, but not cheap

everyone i know on dreamhost seems to like them

and phpwebhosting.com are a nice cheap option for developers
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I'm using SitePlus to host two of my domains and one for a client. It's a small operation and you get personal attention. It's running on FreeBSD and the only problem I've had was with PHPNuke and the owner helped me with that while he was on vacation.
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I'm hosted at Dreamhost. I like their product, service and price.
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Well, I might as well say that Atlanta Web Host is pretty good. I should say that I do know the guy, so I'm obviously biased. I run my blog off there using Moveable Type. He has pretty much everything installed, backend wise (and you can install your own things too).
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I'm with Dreamhost and I like them quite a bit. Great pricing and features. The only drawback is the that there is no phone support. Only email support that takes about 8 hours to get a reply. But when your do get the reply its friendly, informative and personal (vs pointing you to a link)(Setting up domains was new to me so I ran into more problems than someone with experience would have) All in all, I would highly reccomend them.
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I've been at phpwebhosting.com for nearly a year, and I've had no problems at all. I only have the one domain, though, so I don't know what their options are for multiple domains. They only have email support, but I've never had a problem with them getting back to me when I have a question or problem.
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I use Drw Network, a Canadian firm to host, and they've been great. Phone and email support (When you call, a preson actually picks up the phone and says "Hello, DRW Netowrks.."). They've never gone down, and the plans are very inexpensive. I think they will also host multiple domains, but you may want to check. I recommend them.
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I won't speak for her, but Heather of the Mirror Project was recently looking to switch away from Dreamhost because of the amount of traffic she was getting, and the fact that they somehow changed the rules... or so she said on Harrumph recently. On the other hand, Mirror Project is an internet juggernaut, and gets loads of traffic -- it was recently listed as a USA Today Hot Site, for what that's worth.... I imagine a simple small business, personal or weblog site probably would never run into the same issues.
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I just moved a site to always web hosting after seeing it recommended on the web hosting talk fora. It hasn't even been a month yet, but if things keep up as well as they are going with them so far I would really recommend it. The server has all the fixin's, obscene disk space and traffic allowances, great speed, no limitations on the number of domains, and no charge for extra domains. Service has been fast and superfriendly. They have their servers on rackshack which is also recommended on web hosting talk and may explain the crazy cheapness.
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Another satisfied pair customer here. A friend of mine uses & likes Voxel.
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Oh, UK people, I've said it once and I'll say it repeatedly until hit over the head with a large server, xcalibre on both price and service. Linux and MS hosting avail with a whole host of nice features included (like free virus scanning on email, although they will eventually charge for it).

Worth a peek anyway.
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Thirded vervehosting.com here. I've been with them 1.5 years, no problems at all. The answer any questions immediately.

I have 2 domains hosted on one account with them.
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I'm currently looking for cheap, solid hosting for a volunteer non-profit project, and Verve and Always are offering a lot more features for the same price as the one I was formerly looking at.

I can't thank you guys enough for these recommendations.
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Im also a phpwebhosting.com customer and I'm happy. I emailed Paul Ford (ftrain.com) as he is also a customer and with his recommendation, went forward with them. No regrets in at least a year.
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I used to work for Verio and got a free site as part of the deal. When I left, I just started paying for it and don't have any major complaints. I have a Server B, which allows me to resell some space to make a little money. I've recently discovered that you can now get web hosting a lot cheaper than I am reselling it for, so I've thought about switching. aletiahosting.com seems to offer a pretty good deal. I had it narrowed down to them or phpwebhosting but with all these other recommendations I may reconsider.
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I vote for pair. I have heard of bad experiences with aletia. Dreamhost I have heard good things about.
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Pair rocks hard, while addr.com sucks rocks.
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I had a very bad experience with Zenith Tech...
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Well, thanks for all the responses/advice with regards to my post. I've decided to go with the one host I constantly hear recommendations for, both here and elsewhere:

pair Networks

Let's hope it goes well. Fingers crossed.
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I must warn you, though. Pair will tell you the truth, and charge you a fair price for a diligently maintained, server. It's kind of disconcerting after dealing with other hosting companies and their (bullshit) claims of unlimited this and unlimited that.
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