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The "Which Bite Wins" Askme was deleted. Could it be dug up and reanimated please?

Yes, the mods were technically correct in deleting it. Totally understandable and reasonable. But it seemed like it was for a story, so it could fit within the guidelines.

And the post was fun. Could it be reinstated? Pretty please, with whatever the mods adore on top?!

Plus, I was in the middle of writing this answer:
Well, it could be a science experiment.

I think you're getting too caught up on having the bites occur at the same time. Things could get really interesting if the bites are set to occur in a specific order.

For instance vampire>werewolf>zombie might help to ensure all three have some effect, since the one that acts the fastest is last.

But then you gotta ask, why throw a zombie in the mix? They're kinda brain dead and hard to control. Do you really want something like that moving around?

To further complicate things, what if the guy being bitten was a Frankenstein Monster who had been built from cursed Mummy parts.

If you had a vampire-werewolf-zombie-mummy made from from Frankstein parts, you'd have seriously messed up person. We're talking PTSD, dissociative disorder (multiple personalities), intense mood swings, depression and a bit of psychosis. So they'd need a therapist. Probably a team of them, along with a shit load of drugs to deal with the various physical issues and mental issues.

A preemptive restraining order would be a good idea.
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You don't really care about the question. You just wanted to post your answer here.
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I think it was the subsequent comment from the asker about Frankenstein mummy ninja parts that really sank it. Before that, it could almost have passed for a serious writing-a-story question.
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Continuing on from some of the later comments in that thread:

If you were getting bitten by a werewolf, wouldn't it it have to be a full moon when you got bitten? And at night to be bitten by a vampire? I think that narrows down some of the time frame for when you get bitten.
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No. Imma bite you.
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The last thing we need around here is an undead zombie AskMe. I'm calling the CDC.
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No, we're not going to undelete a textbook chatfilter deletion. No, we're not going to do a fakey "just asking, also hey let's discuss it in here woo" do-over thing in metatalk today. Take it up on Metachat, maybe.

If someone wants to ask a serious story-help question, they need to make an effort to actually make it look like a serious question, or else it's probably getting deleted. That's about as far as that goes as far as askme policy is concerned.
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