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I am unable to find some design goodness previously posted.

In the last few months, there was a post demonstrating some excellent break away designs. They were multi-layed infographics showing the inside of ships, buildings, etc. Each layer was shown with descriptions. Does this ring a bell? If so, would someone kindly point me to this posting?
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This one? Keyword for me was "cutaway", not breakaway, though I don't know if the latter is also used.
posted by cortex (staff) at 10:22 AM on August 18, 2011


Or eponypathetic?
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Stephen Biesty?
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Ah, thank you. It was the Stephen Biesty post (although I discovered some new cool new stuff for this research in the cortex supplied thread).

Or eponypathetic?

worst. archivist. ever.

(I should have put this in askme. Sorry.)
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Ah, yeah, that's a bit more comprehensive than the one I remembered. Heh.

(I should have put this in askme. Sorry.)

Nope, you were right on with this. If it's "help me track down something metafilter related or something that was on metafilter", metatalk is the place to do it.
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Just for the record - I've never heard the term "breakaway" or "break away" used in drafting, modeling, architecture or general illustration.

Cutaway or cut away drawings are the ones that look like a whole object that's had layers sliced off of it or peeled back.

And "exploded diagram" is the term used for illustrations that show the individual parts of an object separated from each other and how they fit together. Not entirely unlike an Ikea assembly pictograph.
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Two examples of "breakaway" in popular culture.
posted by maryr at 7:18 AM on August 19, 2011

...and an example of breakout
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