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I am looking for a conversation on the site that was at least partly about how smart/smart-aleck kids deal with teachers' mistakes in school.

I am pretty sure this was an AskMe, in response to a parent asking for advice about how to handle their kid's teacher having given wrong or incomplete information (my memory says maybe about Columbus reaching America, if that helps ring a bell, but my memory could be wrong). Lots of people posted about their experiences as kids who spotted and corrected teachers' mistakes. I remember one very good answer was about a teacher who took someone aside to talk to him about what was and was not helpful to the whole class, with regard to him correcting her mistakes at the board. I've searched both the site and my favorites and can't find it.

I'm bad with time; I'm going to say in the last six months but could be way off on that. Also, I suppose it could have been a conversation on the blue and I'm conflating it with an AskMe question. But I think probably AskMe.
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There was this post on the blue; I think this is the comment you wanted.
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This is the AskMe that you were conflating it with.
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Yes, all the conflated elements are there! Thanks to you both.
posted by not that girl at 12:36 PM on August 18, 2011

There was also the AskMe question about handling flags that talked a lot about how to correct a teacher.
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I am looking for the MeTa post where archivist was looking for a MeFi post about cutaway infographics. Can someone help me find that?

Also, I have a followup question.
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Horace, I think that question should be posted to MetaMetaTalk.
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