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Jezztek's wonderful Monsters of Grok site in Projects got posted to the front page but not via the "post this to mefi" button. Is there a way to get it marked as such anyway?

I was in the process of posting it myself but luckily during a preview the duplicate was caught.

A minor thing, obviously, and there's a check for it on the Blue but it would still be nice to have it marked on Projects even if it has to be done by the mods.
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I wondered if it happened in one of those MetaMemento moments. You know, you see something fantastic linked on Metafilter, and then you get pulled away, or flip windows for a few minutes. Then you come back, think "wow, what a great site, I should post this to metafilter. Where did I find this? Popurls? Email? Eh, somewhere, okay, posting time. But usually you go to post it on the front page and realize Oh....I got it from the blue. And then you go get another freaky tattoo.
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pɐǝp ןןıʇs sı uʍoɹq sǝɯɐɾ
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Sure, just drop us a note via the contact form and we can hook them up. I just did.
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Thanks, pb!
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Oh hey! I am so pleased to know that was by one of MeFi's Own since I saw it zipping around the tubes the other day and was a little concerned that it was one of those soulless virals and even more concerned that I liked it. This has made my morning. Rah Jezztek.
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It would be neat if this could happen as part of the "post this to mefi" preview duplicate detection, but it's not really that common an event, right?
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nah, it's not too common. Maybe once every couple months? I think having the via on the MeFi side only makes sense if the poster actually found it via Projects. This was all over the Web, so it didn't necessarily originiate with seeing it at Projects. It just takes a minute or two for us to connect the posts behind the scenes.
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That was easy
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Thanks much, and a shout out to the fine folks of who helped keep my site afloat through the waves of traffic yesterday!
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