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So, I was reading the writer's block post, and I had a there a central repository of all of the published writers here? I'm a pretty big book buyer, and I'd happily support the authors here.

I guess there's anonymity problems, maybe, so if you have stuff for sale and would rather not pipe up in thread, memail me!

If you do decide to answer, I guess an Amazon link would be cool. Or maybe it already exists and I'm just a dumbass, so a link to that would also be great.
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MeFi Wiki: Published Authors
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One minute? Clearly the userbase is slacking.
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I do a bit of work on the wiki and in a weird coincidence already had that page open in a tab.

I am cross-checking The MeFite Library page to confirm that anyone appropriate listed there is on the Published Authors page. I also need to add some works by EmpressC that I had forgotten about until this AM.
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I've been sort of idly working on a book since a slow work day made me write the first chapter of an intentionally terrible steampunk novel(la) in the Amanda Hocking thread, for e-publishing; some folks suggested they'd be into reading an entire book like that, and I figured, why not? There's a notification list for it and all, but anyway: But for a few edits, it's done, and before terribly long there should be some sort of information on how to buy it (as promised, it will be maybe three bucks).

So: Not yet, but real soon.
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I wanna be totally clear when I talk about "my first novel" I'm talking about the trunk-bound pile of teenage angst that, with another extensive revision, may possibly be not totally embarrassing to show to people but will probably never be publishable. (The second one might actually go somewhere. We'll see if I can get an actual ending on it.)
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Whoa! Love the new staff button! Where can I pick one up?
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Jenny Diski!

No wait...
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I don't know the whole story, but I can guess why Jenny left based on the top tags on her profile:

smug sexism plague oh
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I mean that's MeFi 2008 in a nutshell innit?
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Argh I keep forgetting to update the wiki
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I always feel really cheesy about mentioning my book. I don't know why. I should probably get over that. But mine was published in August. I'm not in the wiki or anything, so here you go.
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katilla, if no one else adds it in, I'll do so within the next day or two.
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there, I just put myself in. I didn't include the stuff I did for anthologies, I have a lot of short stories in various places floating around .
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(aside from Strange tales just cause I'm really proud of that and you should read it)
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Actually, zarq, the page which had all my stuff is gone, so I can take the credit, but the link is broken. (woe.)
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I should have added that maybe this might be a good self-linky place where you can throw in stuff you're proud of that can really only be found online.

And you should never feel cheesy mentioning your is, after all, YOUR WORK.
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There's a really awesome bunch of published YA authors here--changeling, mothershock, headspace, and jeanne come to mind (and cider works in the biz too, but not as an author). I'm always uber happy when there's a YA reading recs question on ask and I click it to find they've already covered all of the bases.

I do not count myself among them yet, but my agent is working on it. I've got some short stories in places, though.
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katilla, I just put your book in an epic Amazon cart I've got going. It looks like it'll be right up several local alleys, here.
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Hey, Adam Roberts used to post here. I can thoroughly recommend Yellow Blue Tibia--one of the best science fiction novels I read last year.
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Probably quite a few people on here (about 40%, it sometimes seems, but perhaps that's just the threads I read) are, like me, academics, with publications we might brandish proudly before a tenure review board, but which don't really cut it when compared with mothershock's Daring Book for Girls.

And, equally, perhaps we don't want members of our tenure review boards to be only two clicks away from our comments in the BDSM threads.

You can download a sample chapter of my book from my pages! If you can work out which of those 642,769 researchers I am!
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I have a WordPress page where I keep track of the things I've had published online because otherwise I forget where they are.
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Since shakespeherian's gone ahead and done it, here is my online bibliography and also I slapped up a free short story on goodreads (click "read book" under the cover) if you're into, like, teenage alien angst.
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Hey, zarq, what about published works written under pseudonyms? Are they allowed?
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this seems like a great place to share: the lovely mothershock, whom I met on metafilter, blurbed my second book :) (she's on the cover!)
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(actually, via metafilter is more apt.)
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I wrote or co-wrote a couple of really shitty books for Flash developers about ten years ago. There's no way I'm saying what the titles were, for fear that someone might find a copy and follow me down the street reading passages in a sneering voice.

I'm betting there's a few people around here staying quiet about the shockingly awful things they've had published.
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I wrote a book about Beethoven's pianism. Probably counts as noise or derail.
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Does being one of 30+ credited contributors to a People's Almanac spin-off count? (Sadly, I did not get credited for the more respectable Book of Lists 2 since my full-list contributions didn't make the final cut) Or writing an "Outroduction" for a book of webcomics? (Yes, I did steal that other Craig's "what have we learned" line in there) If not, i got nothin' (in print).
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I writed u a books, but they out of printed.
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I had my name in the credits of a video game.
Where's my cookie?
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I contributed some scenarios to a Facebook game.
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Well, this was just published here. So yeah, I am also a famous author!
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I always assumed you where.
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Do mind numbingly boring law journal publications count?
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I was the second-unit title monster in a Roger Corman movie. Is there a page for that?
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I may be doing this wrong but:

book 1, book 2, anthology I'm in 1, anthology I'm in 2
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Misha, sure! It's our wiki, so we make the rules.

If you'd like, memail me the way you'd like it to appear or just comment with it here and I'll post it for you.
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I compiled, edited and have an essay in The First Time I Got Paid For It: Writers' Tales From the Hollywood Trenches. It's been in print for over 10 years, and is used as a text in several film schools. Proceeds go to the Writers Guild Foundation, not to me.
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I'm on the Mefite Library page but not the Published Authors page. Can I add myself, or just ask someone to do so?
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Zompist, it's a wiki, by definition you can edit it. :)
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Also, Hodgman's second book More Information than you require doesn't seem to be in therel.
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I asked this in 2008 - here.
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I'm on the Mefite Library page. You can find my book "Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus?" on Amazon or on my website, where you can read the first chapter for free. I also have a few short pieces up at Fictionaut, which you can also read for free. ("How much are these free pieces?" "They're FREE!")
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I wrote a wildlife guide.
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And what do you know, Hodgman has a further (possibly final) book, titled That Is All.
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I finally figured out how to edit the Wiki and have added myself. Now I'm really an author!
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I will join the fiction ranks in February.

(Fun aside: Ask Metafilter assisted research for this book.)
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God I even forgot the link. What a scatterbrain.
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I'm in the published authors list, but not the Metafilter Library list. Hm. I'll have to brush up my dusty wiki-editing skills and fix that (although if anybody less rusty than me wants to swoop in and fix it for me, I certainly won't complain.)

Also, by the way, I've got a new book coming out in March. It's a satire of pregnancy and parenting books, called How Not To Kill Your Baby.
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