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Follow-up to post about mystery shoe-clad feet washing up on shore in the Pacific Northwest: The majority have been identified as belonging to aquatic suicides (e.g. bridge jumpers).

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It's not ring to be suicide, but rather homicide. For this thread anyway.
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Not sure if this thread is going to stick around, but it is interesting to get some closure on the story. Thanks.
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Well, this ruins the movie "Funny Bones."

(A comment that literally can only be understood by the 12 people who saw "Funny Bones.")
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The police don't have a leg to stand on here.
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This story has been creeping me out at regular intervals since I first heard about it. But the sneaker explanation does make a lot of sense.
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crunchland: "The police don't have a leg to stand on here."

Well, you know, give them an inch and...
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Bunny Ultramod, I am one of those twelve people.
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Yeah, not so much something mefi-related or notable in terms of the site beyond us having had to delete a few Oh Hey Another Foot posts over the years. Weird story but if there's a postworthy update it should be a post to the front page, and if not just give it a pass.
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