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Is there still a page that shows all the deleted Metafilter threads? Because I was interested in the Occupy Oakland thread that was posted today, and I'd like to see the outcome of what happened to it.

This isn't a criticism of the deletion at all, I'm sure it was for a valid reason. It's more out of curiosity. I know a few years ago there was a blog that logged the deleted Metafilter threads, but I can't remember the URL now. (I think it was something like 'lite.metafilter.com')

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Perfect - thank you!
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That one's current, but for older deletions, there's deletedthread.blogspot.com (formerly run by the late and lamented puke & cry).
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Also, the OP posted the info in the open Oakland thread here, so you can follow the discussion there.

And since this is sorted, I'll close it up.
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