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Weekly meetups in IRL? I want to do something in Brooklyn with the same venue and time, on the same day of the week. Is there any functionality for this? Or is the solution to just post the same thing over and over?
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Just post it weekly, yeah. To some extent if it's a really, really recurring local thing it may make sense to have it be just an established thing locals know about already if doing a weekly update on IRL is too much of a pain.
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The people who I know who do this for a weekly-ish trivia thing in Boston just post it when it comes up. You still need/get RSVPs for each event that way which can be helpful for planning purposes.
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Forgive the self-pimping, but it's relevant experience. My organization Big Ideas Social Club meets every other week in three different places, and has started in IRL in each. In general, I'll post once every couple months or so, with particular mentions for the first few meetings. They should all be tagged in the IRL archives somewhere.
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The Chicago mefites post their regular at the Billy Goat each month.
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And we're totally having meetup posting creep too. I fully expect the January Goatup to be posted before the December Goatup happens.
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In Boston, we post our roughly every other week trivia meetups roughly every-other-weekly. Works so far.

(BTW, we doing the 5th? Because 2-3 of us have birthdays the next day...)
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...Err, on preview, what jessamyn said about Boston.
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That's not on preview.
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I see you've played previewy-spoony before.
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Hey, has anyone mentioned the Boston trivia meetup yet? I have to do that manually, and what's more, I have to come up with a new title that incorporates the word "thing" every two weeks.

Well, OK, I don't have to.

BTW, we doing the 5th? Because 2-3 of us have birthdays the next day.

I was assuming we would (I'm out of town the following Monday). Are you saying the birthday thing makes it a good day or a bad one?

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Good. Trivia is an excellent birthday present.
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I would come to this in Brooklyn! I always have something on meetup days but if it's a weekly thing, that ups my chances I could actually come.
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brooklyn <3
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Isn't saying "in IRL" a bit like saying "ATM machine"?
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No, it's more like saying "no, not the The Glenfiddich, the The Balvenie".
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*starts a The Wave*
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I think it's more like saying, "hey, wasn't Scarlett Johansson in In Good Company?" IRL is the name of an area of Metafilter and it can have other things in it, depending how you swing with your prepositions.

IRL is also an abbreviation for the words "in real life," which is where things get confusing. For example, a post in IRL could cause you to meet Mefites IRL, even though IRL itself exists online rather than IRL.
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I posted two IRL threads today. Seems like it should be automatic that the poster is attending, though I'm sure there's a fine reason why not. I mean, I've posted meetups for other people, but it seems like self-attendance should be the default, and clicking "No" the exception.
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