there is something not quite right here. A hacked account? November 30, 2011 1:03 PM   Subscribe

This is weird. Compare the alarming post on AskMeFi with previous posts by Servix. Something seems off to me.

From October 21st, it seems as if Servix has a female partner who is in the UK.

From today, Servix seems to have a male partner who has committed suicide.

There's something off about this.
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I seriously fuckin' hope not.
posted by gman at 1:05 PM on November 30, 2011

It's perfectly possible for both of these statements to be true at the same time.
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What seems off? Sometimes people have more than one partner. Especially if one is long distance. What makes you think this hacked?
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I predict that this thread is not going to go well...
posted by dfriedman at 1:10 PM on November 30, 2011

Servix has had male partners in the past, and not much luck, it seems.

What sadness, whatever the case. My sincere sympathies.
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I don't want to be personally attacked for this. It is, of course, perfectly possible.
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I also noticed some discrepancies and concluded that there was either some gender bending going on or more than one person was using that account.

At any rate, it won't hurt anyone to take it at face value and assume today's question is in good faith. No one is required to answer it, and these kinds of allegations could only serve to add more misery to the OP's situation.
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July 13: "Writing a heated *potential* breakup letter, what are some tips to effectively communicate with someone in difficult circumstances? I feel totally weird writing this email to my boyfriend."

October 21: "Haven't seen my SO in 6 months. Arriveing in Bristol, UK for the first time in a few days. Want to take her somewhere romantic, awesome and private for dinner / drinks. Suggestions?"

Somewhat odd.
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As near as we can tell, it is/was a boy/girl couple who were sharing this account. Nothing personal to anyone but I don't think leaving this thread open is a good idea and I'm going to close it up.
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