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how to search the post in askmefi with the most number of "favorite" or being the most popular topic?

can some one teach me how to do this? I am relatively new to ask metafilter. I want to catch up on previous posts that are very insightful, very influential. For example the "ask culture versus guess culture". Can I search/rank the questions by popularity? rank by popularity within a tag?
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The Infodumpster is an offsite, unofficial way to do this.
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An by unofficial, I mean it wasn't made by Matt or pb, so they don't maintain it, but they and the other mods are cool with it existing.
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The excellent infodumpster provided by Combustible Edison Lighthouse would work very well for this.

Change the drop-down selection at the top left to "Ask MetaFilter". Then go to the line that says "Which posts by anyone tagged with anything have the most favorites" and hit the ? button beside that line. That'll get you a list of the most-favorited posts from AskMe.

Then if you want the same list but restricted to a particular tag, just go to the "tagged with anything" part and type the tag you want in place of the word "anything", and hit ? again.
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In addition to the infodumpster, you can view a list of the Most favorited questions of all time. And using the links near the headline you can change that from all time to 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The MetaFilter Wiki is also a good place to find collections of posts and comments. Look for the section, "Collected AskMes" on the front page. And though it covers all subsites, looking through the sideblog archive can bring up some good posts and comments.

Beyond that, we don't provide a way to view comments by the number of favorites they received. For highly favorited comments, the Infodumpster is probably your best bet.
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Yeah there's no direct way for searching for this sort of thing but the data is available. The steps that FishBike outlines with the infodumpster will get you probably the closest thing there is to a "best" of list measured by favorites as opposed to the popular lists that we have on the site. I also sometimes find that searching Google for and entering a keyword like relationships or cooking will often put heavily linked-to stuff in the top of the results which can be a good way to read what the rest of the internet is linking to on AskMe.
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I am so glad I asked this question. Infodumpster is great. The other tips are also useful. Now I can take better advantage of metafi's vast amount of resources! Thanks a lot
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Check out GraphFi for more interesting info. "It displays a chart indicating the number of times a comment has been favorited and the reply/quoting relationships between comments."
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I see you's new round these parts...
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