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Trying to remember an old post I THINK was on MeFi: basically a Japanese site with photos of unintentionally funny road signs. It was all in Japanese, and the one photo I can remember specifically had a "STOP" written along the center line of the road, so that the トマレ became トマレーーーーーーーー ("STOOOOOOOOOOOOP"). Does… does this ring a bell with anyone at all?
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Oh sorry, I think I misread that :-/
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Wow, that's probably the most efficient and tightly integrated sockpuppet account I've ever seen.
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I dunno, reminds me too much of Reddit.
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I seem to remember a similar blog that showed the green "running man" from exit signs in interesting places but I don't think that was posted on MeFi. I can't remember the name of that, either (mostly because it was also Japanese). Gah.
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